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  1. So I guess the whole CDR thing has been forgoten about. It doesnt seem to be changing and does seem anyone is even caring about it anymore.
  2. Yes I do realize at some point they will reset the map and the game and we will have to start from scratch the point is there will be plenty of warning for that and your mind set will be ready for it and youll know when it is going to happen, but if what happened with CDR is an indication of others things down the road after the game is finished will happen then they are cutting their throats right now because alot of people will feel that in the future they will be treated as what they request means nothing to the dev's so look at it as a pre warning to how things will be handled think about it for a min if the game was finished and out of the blue other then one tiny little note in a random forum, that they had done this and you where a month sub, how would you feel then.......
  3. I think they are holding off hoping we will forget and just move on.
  4. Started game Jan 21 hours played till Mar 10 319 hours roughly about 2 weeks of play time in game now Apr 4 hours in game since Mar 10 1.5 please give us a date on the next content patch. Last time any Dev's said anything they said check the developers anouncments guess what no anouncements there about a content up date but there where new ships added. Can add new ships but cant change a simple code to change a port from nuetral to free again. I guess you think your players are stupid and have no idea about programming. Its really no more then changing the code in prob not more then one or two lines of code. Adding new ships to the game much harder then a simple port change I would think.
  5. OK when will the next content patch be because its been a week and CDR still isnt changed back. I'm on the PVE server and it really hurts us we cant just recap the port.
  6. Which day this week will camp du roy be changed back
  7. its not about XP getting wiped or craft level, it's about lossing all the progess made, plus if when you do a wipe if you lose all your resources and have to start over it's a huge pain because you missions to start making some gold again to get built back up are to high to do anything, so yeah trying to use a basic cutter to do a Ravager mission yeah thats not going to work that frigate will waste you no matter how good you are. they should be able to build something in so vertern players get something to help get them back into ships they can crew or give a ship of equal level to your character the money part no big deal it's the grinding to get back into a rate 5 ship when your crew comp is 350 and only thing available to you is a basic cutter after a wipe. I know that people will quite playing if they lose everything they spent litteraly weeks building up at least soften the blow by giving them a ship equal to their level nothing special just a basic ship of that level.
  8. OK I understand the change happening on PVP servers but why the PVE server it does nothing but hurt players there. We invested so much time and money and to just lose that stuff is wrong if your going to change someting that can effect players like that please make noticable announcement prior to or like one guy said a grace period to clear out or some kind of reembursment.
  9. Why did we lose Camp du Roy as a free port I had all my stuff in Camp du Roy ships mats, resources, and expanded my warehouse and now cant use any of it because it got changed to a neutral so How do I get my stuff back>?????????
  10. I'm a pirate and now I have lost pretty much everything I owned because camp du roy once a free town is now a neutral town. WTF How am I going to get everything back all my resources, mats upgrades, ships and money spent expanding warehouse and building it as an out post. Please someone tell me how I can get that stuff because if I cant get it back I will just quit the game thats total bs and camp du roy was the only free town switch to a neutral. Poll removed by mod team for being non-essential to the discussion.
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