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    Easy Levelling - Requires 2nd Account

    The issue with this is i now have to sail 30 minutes to get the right fleet sit and wait 15 for 2 fleets to combine to even become a challenge .. \.... attack it ... fight a 2 hour battle... that nets 1k xp and marginal amount of gold....... whereas fighting 15+ 3rd rates with a group of clan members gaining xp comms and money in an organized fight... is ALOT BETTER.....
  2. spchancey

    Easy Levelling - Requires 2nd Account

    TBH and fair..... you shouldnt have taken the reinfocements out until you had a viable solution to the PvE content......because now your gonna lose a playerbase that was kept interested by the big PvE fleets and yes i see its (temporary)
  3. spchancey

    [PVP2] Server "Health"

    Ok I got a question on the Swedish Peace Treaty. Which I think is an admirable way to resolve this since they broke up as a nation. Last night the Swedes called looking for help. The said WIS had done a "Pearl Harbor" on them an attacked the port of St. John's during those negotiations to try to blind side the few Swedes left. Is there any truth to that? My apologies to Arsilon as we are clearly off topic. @bach The Swedes had a little truth to it however it was resolved beforehand By standards the swedish and british are at peace...... we traded amalienborg with st johns as part of the peace deal
  4. spchancey

    [PVP2] Server "Health"

    EXCEPT THE FACT BEING..... THE FRENCH WERE SEEN SAILING MULTITUDES OF 3rd Rates out of the Port after the battle...... The VERY SAME PEOPLE who where there in the battle with a frigate....... it had nothing to do with a GREAT BIG OLE BR DIFFERENCE........ Hell we saw Your victory sail away from the same port...... Guess what? that player was in battle with a frigate..... SO SORRY if We use a function that prevents us losing our ships because you want to tag a battle and drag it out for a hour and a half.... We used our time wisely instead of playing duck, duck goose..... And if they wanted that fight........ why after port battle did no one stay around to PVP? All of these accusations about PvE and General "French Wine" are whats killing the game... people log onto the forums and see that and theyre like oohhhhh well this is a shitty game community "Ive been trying to stay out of this but enough is enough" + ive been working on the swedish peace treaty the last few days
  5. Also what about fixing the attack on boarding when it displays as a 0 instead of showing what it would be
  6. Chancey Does Not approve of this blasphemy
  7. spchancey

    PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    1. As a Leader in TCF i can formally say that we had absolutely no intention of taking swedish ports until the danes asked us for help. 2. The 3rd rates you currently see are because instead of running around in frigates and tagging people and running away wasting time...... we actually grind fleets when were not dealing with swedish bullshit and frances nepotism. 3. I FLAT OUT WARNED SWEDISH LEADERSHIP NOT TO TAKE GUYAMA...... You Brought This upon yourself 4. We tried to negotiate this deal and get the swedes to back off. We were accused of "Zerging" and trying to wipe out Sweden, and have proved that was not our position. Now, look who is trying to wipe out one of smallest factions on server in zerg type actions. 5. We will not tolerate any swedish ships near British ports 6. we gave up 3 ports to the danes.... in hopes of getting the swedes to back off....and start giving them back some ports........ over 5 days we waited not one was given back.. As it Stands right now we have no ill intentions towards france or wiping anyone out however we will defend ourselves!!!!!!!! -TCF- Leadership
  8. lol they only fight when they outnumber people
  9. lol that was fin and like i said before ...... i wont be baited by your nonsensicalness eulogy..... i wont fight 12 to 2 in my trinc if you wanna over populate the area...... ill fight you as the french fought you guys..... in the cutters!
  10. spchancey

    PVP2 French (OMG) & Swedes (BORK) gank or extort

    So the easiest solution to all of this...... swedes need to set the port timers so the danes can get back their ports....
  11. spchancey

    PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    lol....... that may be the case about them getting attacked..... however they declared on all of GB not just SoB the aggressors..... and when were finished showing the swede's who we are.. then well be going back to them
  12. spchancey

    PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    we have no qualms with the french ..... this is TCF position i cannot speak for the rest of GB...... As it stands right now ..... we are neutral with france we are at war with america and sweden(by their own declaration of war)
  13. spchancey

    PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    OK..... Lets put an end to this discussion......... we had no prior incentive to attack sweden..... Sweden Declared War On Great Britain.... you can see that in the political info...... were building a border against the swedes.... as was said before.... US is quite clearly the more powerhouse to deal with... but we cant have swedish ships attacking ships in Port Royal.......
  14. spchancey

    Americans Pvp 2

    oh thats not the point.... if hes gonna take personal digs at me... then ima shoot back