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  1. Like the crafter name idea a lot... Would also like to see some stats and maybe recognition, regarding prolific crafters over the early development and testing of the game. I.E how many 500 plus ship crafters, etc...before everything gets dumped to begin full release. o7
  2. When I joined this testing operation almost 4 years ago it was with the understanding and stated intent of the Dev's it was not going to be another failed contender for the wreckage crown of POTBS. Looks like that intent has been set aside....good luck with sizing that crown Dudes...o7
  3. Now that we have a few more commenters on this issue, perhaps you can spend some time, explaining how the new Crafting program will improve the game and add to the enjoyment of those who like crafting ships and other useful items in this game. Crafting has been a strong force within every aspect of the games development. RVR, PVP, Econ/trading are all influenced, if not fundamentally Based on active crafting programs at the individual,clan and nation level... Just let us know what we can expect with this new change and what it is you hope to achieve by it...Fair winds
  4. Thanks Ink...found most of the Trade goods, but I only hope the guy who sold me the golden Indiaman early in the day, will put it back for sale...appreciate the compensation and continued support. Fair Winds
  5. The new UI is very helpful in many ways, but I'd like to have information on the BP's regarding required Craft level rather than just having a group of BP's active when you reach that level. This would be mostly useful for new crafters... Overall happy with the changes and additions. Especially like the ability to check ship stats between woods and trim selected prior to crafting the ship...good job...
  6. Thanks again INK for the extra effort you gave to correct my problem with the Gunnery Encyclopedia crafting bug...It is greatly appreciated.

  7. Ewok Dude, I don't disagree with much of what you write, but let me take it a step further...historically. (I apologize for straying a bit from subject.) Let's do away with TS and chat, directly linked to OW and battle instance. Use prior planning to coordinate multi-ship actions and use only "insight" messaging for real time communication. Chat and TS all you like in port in real time. Once you "sail" all chat/ is delayed (for five minutes, for example) and TS is not available at all. This for me (and I may be alone in this) would be an easy way to reduce ganking, induce more planning and coordination for those who need ganking and allow more people to enjoy the natural beauty of the game.
  8. A couple questions... 1. What will happen to player "Stuff", of anyone who is off for a week or two and comes back to the game to find everything changed geographically speaking and with his OP's deep in Enemylandia... When something similar occurred as a result of the PVP3 Merge, returning players just unpacked their things from redeemables after reading the brief notice on signing in. This was a small chore (one I have not completed even yet, by the way ), but not a game buster for anyone I'm aware of. 2. I notice there are no longer Free Cities, only Neutral ones. Will the game mechanics currently used for FCs be available in Neutral Cities...most specifically "deliveries"? If not, will deliveries be available more generally or not at all? Thanks for all your hard work Devs...keep it up and have a good one.
  9. Found 10 Bottles yesterday...in the Bahamas. That's just silly. Liked the one or two a week, with a planned day's sail into enemy waters much more... A little more balance for all would be just fine with me.
  10. The gifted Bucentaure has disappeared from my EU1 redeemables since the new update and hot fix. I'm not sure whether this disappearance occurred as a result of either, but thought it possible. Additional background...I have played on all the other servers (Merged from PVP3, PVP 2 and PVE) and have redeemed a Bucentaure on PVP2 (another possible cause I guess). I received a Buc BP this morning from a Bellona craft on PVP1. Obviously my game play is not hurt with this loss (or I would have already redeemed it), but wanted to notify your team as such a loss could effect another player at a lower rank, much more. Thanks for all your great efforts to this point. (I've posted a F11 report already)
  11. Thanks for the continued thoughtful development...looks good.
  12. Okay, let's test it and allow our further discussion to be based on the reality we find in the game...
  13. Good Job Devs...as usual the game direction is mostly positive and we testers have new stuff to look forwards to. Providing suggestions and observations, while having fun helping to improve the game, is what it is all about at this point. I for one, still enjoy just sailing around in the beautiful world that has been created. Paying attention to all the facets of game play is important and you do a fine job at trying to maintain the balance of priorities...Keep up the good work.
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