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  1. Personally I would love to see the Sea Trials storm map implemented. The main reason people got annoyed in Sea Trials over it, was that we would get it every other battle, and at that point it just became frustrating and not something special. Seems a waste to have us test it early on and then not implement it
  2. So many to choose from, I should just hit the highlights to make it easy The first being from Sea Trials, where I had one of my first few battles with TDA, and in particular with Tommy Shelby, who I would continue to play with for thousands of hours. Sea Trials was a time of small community and constant battles which created some of the best memories in NA. The next would be in the first iteration of OW where I as a lonely midshipman had to sail from the US coast to the coast of Cuba which while menial, using only landmarks and a compass was certainly a daunting task and indeed quite frustrating to find the correct port. After leveling up some I then sailed from Cuba to the port of Plymouth. Using only landmarks and my trusty compass I set sail and the feeling of hitting Plymouth directly in one continuous sail was beyond explanation. Personally I miss the old navigation in the game and the challenge that it posed to all players. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1ZVtVRT1B2FGRGqpVRa6afA7I5qY&ll=28.4276006978859%2C-64.67050455216327&z=5 (link to booyah's map ) The most memorable moment had yet to come though. At Plymouth we would have a Trafalgar battle between all of the nations( except British xD ), a truly epic event. 25 v 25 all people on team speak. Now for some newer players this may seem trivial with the addition of port battles and the like, but for its time this was truly an event of the grandest scale and will not be forgotten. So after spending an hour or a two getting pulled into battle by ai and fighting the wind we finally began the fight. And to reference the post above the rivalry between the British and the rest of the nations (particularity SLRN) made for some very fun fights and chats (especially with Manvua)
  3. Seems like we have finally gone full circle. What was the point of testing it and then reaching a conclusion if it is just going to be tossed in the trash bin? It's sad to see that this is the direction the game is going. Well, have fun all of you gankers out there!
  4. There is no reason to replace a valid strategy, just because gankers happen to use them. Demasting should remain as a valid strategy, it allows you to manage an otherwise bad situation. Purely broadside trading will not work if you are in let's say a 2v1, by having demasting as a tactic it allows you to alter a situation and gives the player more strategic options.
  5. The basic aiming of cannons revolves around the red horizontal bar which controls the height that your cannons will be fired at. The more you raise the red bar the cannons will, in turn, get an increased height and can fire a further range. The only real way to learn the red bar system is just practice, go into a PvE mission and just shoot ranging shots with spacebar to get a feel for the firing mode. The white highlighted zone shows where all of your cannons are pointing, you can slightly shift this with your mouse left or right. The single white bar that stretches out is the projection where the cannonball will go off the cannon that is going to be fired next. When in rolling front fire, it will be the front most cannon on the top deck. As you keep single shotting you will see the bar moves, it will move to the next cannon that will be fired showing you where it will go. I would recommend watching this video: as my explanation may not be that good. Also, you can look around on youtube for more tutorials gl
  6. I think you are missing the main point of my post. And perhaps it i my fault for including the decreased XP idea in there as well, although it is something i hope gets added in the future after the wipe (when xp does in fact matter), the main point was the half event points rewards. Now yes it is just a flimsy incentive to not do it, but even that can only help the situation.
  7. I think something this event really needs or at least would be good grounds for testing would be a sort of gank deterrent. Proposal: if in a battle you have x times more br then what your are attacking then you receive x times less points and xp. For example if you and your friend in 2 trincs attack 1 trinc then you get half the xp and event points.
  8. The problem isn't that players can earn a spot, the problem is that players will be further discouraged to spend their time looking for pvp to gain hostility when they could spend their time mindlessly grinding pve fleets because it guarantees them hostility points. We need to make the time invested into looking for pvp worth it weather by nerf to pve hostility or a buff to that of the pvp I'm not sure.
  9. Just wanted to bump this thread seeing as admin is interested in overhauling port battles. I know this idea of the on system may not be viable at the moment but wanted to be sure it wasn't forgotten.
  10. http://www.twitch.tv/neonthenoob/v/91367501 TDA vs SLRN English
  11. If you surrender you don't lose any crew, also i've played with you before you're a decent guy pm me if you get back on and i'll get you back started with gold.
  12. Ellis

    can't load game

    This happened to me before the problem is with steam, what i did and what fixed it for me was exiting out of steam and booting the game back up and trying to log back in. It took it numerous times (up to like 10) but eventually it worked. Best of luck and i hope you get it fixed soon.
  13. The reason the timer was switched from 5 to 2 minutes was the 5 minute timer allowed people to enter your battle which you had no idea were there. It allowed ships from extreme distances away from your battle or those camping in port to enter your battle. The beauty of the 2 minute timer is that you know what you're getting into battle with there are little to none surprises thus you are able to select the battles that you want without fear that of a 25 man fleet coming in from that port 4 minutes away. I am personally in favor of this timer it is by far the best we've seen so far, if you are scared of your friends not being able to enter your battle simply sail together. The 2 minute timer is a step away from just having this game become seeing who has more people online at time and having them stacking into a battle, and more torwards a actual captain skill and competence. (Sorry in advance for any typos wrote on my phone)
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