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  1. ScareCrow

    got kicked and Login failed

    same here in
  2. ScareCrow

    "Immersive" water graphics

    ever heard of spyglass?
  3. ScareCrow

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    EU player here I got booted awhile back and now cant login to Queue it keeps failing
  4. ScareCrow

    got kicked and Login failed

    I cant login it keeps failing is this happening to alot more people or just me?
  5. ScareCrow

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I sold my Requin in home screen, will I get it back?
  6. ScareCrow

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I sold my Premium ship will i get it back?
  7. ScareCrow

    Money form

    I cringe every time I look at the money in the game ie. You have 1.2 million in the game it shows 1200000 it should be like this 1.200.000 or 1 200 000 this is much clearer and easier to read for your eyes.
  8. ScareCrow

    Respect for Brussels

    I Support this o7
  9. ScareCrow

    Server maintenance overview

    It's working fine until I click start with windows, then it closes and the exe gets deleted...
  10. This is no longer an issue at all. Economy is now working perfect.
  11. thats how its done and work... a buyer sets a buy contract for lets say Iron ore 100 gold pr. lump a visitor see's: current buy sell price is 74 100 the visitor buys all ore directly for 74 gold pr. lump and sell it directly for 100 gold the visitor is now making a small profit for doing this service for the buyer this save the original buyer time and lets him have the goods he ordered and this lets the visitor make some extra cash its a win win scenario its not automatic its manual you depend on "visiters" who checks the market tab for these oportunities
  12. Why should a new just starting out player have access to all the resources and money to build ships from the getgo? he should learn the game and earn his money first then he can start looking at crafting and see how much that costs he is not gonna enjoy the game if he could start doing anything he wants from the start, this attitude is completely "Instant gratification" and serves no good! youre out of line mister... youre just arguing like a crybaby who wants his toy and pestering his mommy about it... go and play the game like the rest of us!
  13. its an easy fix: make cities incapturable and establish clan diplomacy, so that not the entire country is at war but only clans are at war/peace it will solve all issues, because you can have peace as a solo player but if youre in a clan you have to go to war if you're clan declares war, npc fighting still occurs normally but at a different level.
  14. ScareCrow

    Green on Green shooting.

    I play on Norway/Denmark side I've seen Ayita in the ow sometimes, he or she was hunting tradeships and I got dragged into it with him/her I didnt have any problems with this player though, seemed polite and agreeable