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  1. I am not sure that R.E.B.Blunt's strategy works well in iOS version. As sterner noted, artillery is the key to win this battle, however, it is not easy in the specific battle because the terrain (city etc.) and a lot of friendlies on Cemetery hill block the guns' LoS: the enemy needs to come very close for the Union guns and then the time is not enough for using the artillery effectively. Moreover, the AI also knows that artillery is the key and will rush to attack your batteries. Here are a couple of tactics to bypass the problem: When the battle starts move your infantry brigades in front of the batteries to screen the enemy fire. Artillery units must be protected at all cost: When the enemy comes in musket range and after your infantry fires, order them to Fall Back (use the related control button) to unveil the batteries: When the enemy comes dangerously close charge and buy him a cocktail of muskets and cannister: Repeat and if necessary relief the used infantry brigades with fresh ones. When you have the chance, attempt to destroy the enemy guns. For the harder levels, perhaps you will need to redeploy first your troops, so the enemy has a longer area to cross and thus receive more arty shots before comes close: Then follow the same or a similar tactic:
  2. The best way is to prevent the artillery exhaustion as longer as possible. Artillery is a strategic unit and should be used under a specific plan according the wished objectives. Do not let them fire generally wherever they like. In contrast select a short range ammo to prevent unwanted long shots -and a condition leak-, move them in strategic positions and control their firing by selecting ammo type and targets. To take the most from your arty units, use them to defend positions or your attacking infantry units and avoid to assign them offensive actions for long like softening the enemy's positions. "Hold" order will make your unit stay longer in its current position, however, it won't fall back or waver while being attacked and will remain there until its morale is drained (or until you re-assign orders). Then it will enter in retreat state and will be uncontrollable for longer time. Generally, Hold should be used for shaping the battlefront line (especially corners and flanks), a "hold position at all cost" defense of strategic points or for sacrificial tactics like gaining time for other units to reform/fall back/redeploy, expecting imminent reinforcement arrival etc.
  3. As Jugashvili noted there is a 3 levels unit rating system for all units according the hisotrical infos before Gettysburg, indicated by stars. CS have more elite/crack and veteran units than US.
  4. Normally, if you capture on time Oak Ridge with Davis and place him in a good cover (avoid to exhaust him on the way and keep him always in General's range to replenish morale and condition so he can defend Oak successfully ), it would be very difficult for Ai to win. Personally I ignore the skirmishers and avoid spending condition/morale by charging on them (I just focus on the plan to capture Oak Ridge, just marching and volleying). Heth's skirmishers can protect Davis' flanks and rear from the constant annoying come back of these light units, when he will pass McPherson ridge. The only certain charge in the beginning is that against Calef. But avoid ordering the charge from a far distance. You can use Heth skirmishers to shoot a couple of volleys on Calef until Archer comes in close distance and launch the charge. Heth's skirms can protect Archer from Union skirms while charging (until you move them to support Davis). The same time arty should advance and position on McPherson ridge. With Davis on Oak, Archer on McPherson forest recovering and the arty on McPherson ridge (or in a -risky- line between Archer and Davis loaded shell/canister, you can welcome Iron with a hell of a fire and take it early out of action. Keep positions repelling Iron, Cutler, until the rest division arrives (Petty and Brock). At this point you'll have a big advantage and the only thing you should concern is the upcoming Union guns... (ignore Herr Ridge and Oak Hill, you can send later an exhausted or suffered heavy casualties unit to seize them).
  5. Please submit a crash report so the team can have a look. To do that, reproduce the issue, then start again the game but this time select Crash Report. Meanwhile, could you provide some more details on that?
  6. Hi Canerosso, more likely, you opponent gives up or a disconnection has occurred.
  7. Hi Blarneystone and welcome! Here are some tips that might help you. Your best units should be the infantry brigades. Position them in a line and advance steady. Use the light skirmishers to scout at the front or support the flank(s). Support your infantry with the artillery. Avoid to place your guns in front of the infantry in your first battles. They are more effective at the front but also attract the AI to charge and destroy them. Keep them in the back line protected to support infantry advance. Make proper gaps in your line, if necessary, to avoid blocking them with friendlies. Remember that casualties is not the only effect of a bombardment. The drop of morale, they also cause, will help your infantry to overcome easier the enemy infantry. When you'll feel more comfortable with limber and the handling of these slow moving units, you can try to engage them more actively and bring them closer to the enemy for deadly canisters (in iOS artillery chooses automatically ammo type regarding the target's distance). In contrast, try, if possible, to destroy the enemy guns. Watch the little silver stars over the hostile unit, at the side of the small shield-indicator. Select a brigade of yours with more or the same stars (better or the same unit rate) to attack it. Avoid head on attacks on hostile elite units (3 stars), and prefer to flank or surround them. Support always your defending/attacking/cracking troops with the General. He will boost your units if they are inside his command radius (even partly). If your units suffer casualties or/and a vast morale drop, withdraw them before start shaking. Always use the Fall Back control and never turn the back to the enemy. Falling back units have minimum casualties and a small boost in morale because of disengaging. Try to create 2 to 1 situations and attack simultaneously hostile units with two or more of yours. Flank and rear attacks are far more effective. The... Fall Back (!) control can also help you to create such tactics. If one of your units is attacked, fall it back to lure the attacker to follow it. Repeat if necessary until the attacker is found among the other brigades of your line (or move the other units to set the trap faster). Then Rotate them to flank the attacker and the same time counter-attack with your falling back unit. Though on the easy level head on attacks can bring you victories, on higher levels you will need more cunning approaches involving flanking and maneuvers. Easy level offers a good training ground to get familiar with such tactics. Generally, experiment with your units and their abilities trying to get the most of them. Then you can combine these tactics in solid strategies and lead your army to victories. Godspeed, General!
  8. It is the: "Longstreet attacks the Union left flank (Historical scenario)". Vincent's brigade (which includes 20th of Maine - UGG uses brigade level) arrives soon during the battle as reinforcement and heads to Little Round Top.
  9. Or perhaps the Ai wants to force you and set the trap and bring you where it wants... ;-)
  10. Great! Thank you for the feed back.
  11. Hi Gkiing, that is the whole Order of Battle for each side. There you can see the full army including the units that have faught so far and those that have not. The later are those with 0%.
  12. By "logical" Nick means according the historical facts (with the necessary adjustments for the specific part of the the map).
  13. UGG includes more than 80 battles. From this pool, numerous combinations of (up to) 7 battles sets will be created, according the course of the battle. It would not be practical to provide such a tree. Moreover Ai can make random decisions in Decision Room according the current circumstances that could lead you in another sequence than the one you had in mind so it won't be so useful.
  14. Surface Pro 3 has the right specs for handling the PC version and most likely will run it, however, we have not tested that device and cannot gurantee it will.
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