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  1. Hi, have sent already an email, error is still there, it seems something went wrong with your change (?). Just noticed that your log file date, it says 1/6/2021 but newest log in your log folder is 5/6/21. Must have same date (in log folder there is the newest and some older). Anyway the newest log also has the same error: [2021-Jun-05 21:44:09.701024] EXCEPTION ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified time is not supported in this calendar. It should be between 04/30/1900 00:00:00 (Gregorian date) and 11/16/2077 23:59:59 (Gregorian date), inclusive.
  2. Hi, checked your report and found this error in your log: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified time is not supported in this calendar. It should be between 04/30/1900 00:00:00 (Gregorian date) and 11/16/2077 23:59:59 (Gregorian date), inclusive. Parameter name: time at System.Globalization.UmAlQuraCalendar.CheckTicksRange (System.Int64 ticks) [0x00047] in <fb001e01371b4adca20013e0ac763896>:0 Do you use an Islamic calendar? If this is the case, then please either change temporarily the calendar or change the date in your Windows before starting the game.
  3. Hi Guppert, please sent us a bug report to check your files. If you can start the game right after crash, then use F11 and send a report. If you cannot enter in game at all, start game from Steam right after crash (do not use shortcut if you use to), select Crash Reporter and then Play: Meanwhile you can try troubleshoot the issue. Almost all such cases reported are caused either by a corrupted textures, or by an outdated graphics driver, or by a corrupted C++ library. So, try the next actions in this order: 1. Update your gpu drivers 2. Verify the integrity of
  4. Thank you very much all of you for your help, we really appreciate it! JaM thank you for the constant feedback here and in discord. Navalus Magnus I'll check custom battles issue, you should be able to assign as many ships you like. Skirmishers are special units for special roles in battles. Scouts (skirmishers detached from infantry units) are mostly for scouting. Anyway, we currently work on the fallback and false rear/flank attack indicating issues. Until we stabilize land battle mechanics to work seamlessly, should expect no changes on any land units.
  5. Hi, currently we have Congreve long guns stronger than shorter Carronade (of the same cal.), have better range and efficiency but have also cons, they are heavier, need more crew and are slower on reload (significant slower than non-EIC Carronade). So there are good reasons for somebody to choose Carronade than Congreve, especially if he has not plenty of gold or available cargo on deck. About historical period and the chosen models, please have in mind that in order to have a large variety of model choices, we may add weapon models from earlier or later periods. This is a reason that a m
  6. Hi, if you are updated to v. 0.10.05 and do not see the message "Mission has been updated after this save and shall restart", please submit a bug report (F11) after next reproduce.
  7. Hi, yes, it affects also individual unit's stats, weapons, etc.
  8. Husserl


    Frequently Asked Questions Game - Where to start? You can start from the available tutorial battles and get familiar with the basic game mechanics or jump right into action, picking one of the two main campaigns. Here are some useful links with info: https://www.aos.ultimateadmiral.com/post/campaign https://ultimateadmiralageofsail.gamepedia.com/Ultimate_Admiral:_Age_of_Sail_Wiki https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/33293-individual-battle-oganization-of-a-campaigns/ https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/33291-campaign-structure/ https://forum.game-labs.net
  9. Hello Captains! Issues with false Defeat instead of Victory, when the battle conditions allow player to retreat, were fixed with the latest update. Battles like Valcour Island or Glorious 1st of June should end with Victory, if player selects to retreat. Thank you for your support and feedback!
  10. I am not sure that R.E.B.Blunt's strategy works well in iOS version. As sterner noted, artillery is the key to win this battle, however, it is not easy in the specific battle because the terrain (city etc.) and a lot of friendlies on Cemetery hill block the guns' LoS: the enemy needs to come very close for the Union guns and then the time is not enough for using the artillery effectively. Moreover, the AI also knows that artillery is the key and will rush to attack your batteries. Here are a couple of tactics to bypass the problem: When the battle starts move your infantry brigades in fron
  11. The best way is to prevent the artillery exhaustion as longer as possible. Artillery is a strategic unit and should be used under a specific plan according the wished objectives. Do not let them fire generally wherever they like. In contrast select a short range ammo to prevent unwanted long shots -and a condition leak-, move them in strategic positions and control their firing by selecting ammo type and targets. To take the most from your arty units, use them to defend positions or your attacking infantry units and avoid to assign them offensive actions for long like softening the enemy's pos
  12. As Jugashvili noted there is a 3 levels unit rating system for all units according the hisotrical infos before Gettysburg, indicated by stars. CS have more elite/crack and veteran units than US.
  13. Normally, if you capture on time Oak Ridge with Davis and place him in a good cover (avoid to exhaust him on the way and keep him always in General's range to replenish morale and condition so he can defend Oak successfully ), it would be very difficult for Ai to win. Personally I ignore the skirmishers and avoid spending condition/morale by charging on them (I just focus on the plan to capture Oak Ridge, just marching and volleying). Heth's skirmishers can protect Davis' flanks and rear from the constant annoying come back of these light units, when he will pass McPherson ridge. The only
  14. Please submit a crash report so the team can have a look. To do that, reproduce the issue, then start again the game but this time select Crash Report. Meanwhile, could you provide some more details on that?
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