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  1. Hello Captains! Issues with false Defeat instead of Victory, when the battle conditions allow player to retreat, were fixed with the latest update. Battles like Valcour Island or Glorious 1st of June should end with Victory, if player selects to retreat. Thank you for your support and feedback!
  2. I am not sure that R.E.B.Blunt's strategy works well in iOS version. As sterner noted, artillery is the key to win this battle, however, it is not easy in the specific battle because the terrain (city etc.) and a lot of friendlies on Cemetery hill block the guns' LoS: the enemy needs to come very close for the Union guns and then the time is not enough for using the artillery effectively. Moreover, the AI also knows that artillery is the key and will rush to attack your batteries. Here are a couple of tactics to bypass the problem: When the battle starts move your infantry brigades in fron
  3. UGG is a deep tactical game and a list like that would not offer anything while it could mislead the player. Elite/Crack units have a better reload time, however, there is also the Condition factor that should have taken in mind. Units with higher Condition reload faster and so on. That means that you cannot relay just in the rating of a unit because reload status is a dynamic factor and not a static one. In contrast, efficiency (kill rate) is a more solid factor because here the elite/crack units have always the advantage against lower rating units. But here should also be taken in mi
  4. All units have a rating system 1 to 3 stars for normal, superior, elite (or trained, veteran, elite/crack) units. The stars are shown in the unit's panel on the commander's portrait and additionally for iOS beside the unit's indicator in battlefield (the little shield over the unit).
  5. Husserl

    iOS guide

    The Battle of Gettysburg In Ultimate General: Gettysburg, you re-live the Battle of Gettysburg as Commander of either the Army of the Northern Virginia (Confederate), or the Army of the Potomac (Union). Innovative player control and game mechanics enable you to command historically accurate forces from skirmishers to the full strength of each army. You have the options to develop and implement different strategies and tactics as the battle develops. Ultimate victory - or defeat - is dependent upon your crucial decisions and military expertise. Campaign: The campaign battle offers the histori
  6. We are working on an idea for producing a series of video AAR. They are made in the classic AAR style, include analysis, comments, diagrams, etc., presented in real time. Day 1 - Phase 1 battle video AAR is ready and soon will be availanble for watching. The Devils Den video AAR will follow.
  7. ULTIMATE GENERAL: GETTYSBURG AAR Player: United States of America Opponent: Confederate States of America AI Personality: Determined DAY 1: The first day of the battle In June 1863, Confederate General Robert Edward Lee moves the 75 000 men of the Army of Northern Virginia swiftly into south-central Pennsylvania. He aims to move the war out of Virginia and win a major battle in the North. Union General George Gordon Meade and his 95 000 strong Army of the Potomac moves toward Lee. By the end of June, General Lee decides to offer a battle and concentrates the Army of Northern Vi
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