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  1. Did not know this, thanks Prater. Coming back from a long, long absence. I'm finding there's a lot to catch up on ;-)
  2. The other day while capp'ing a trader (after a successful boarding), the game was displaying that my hold was full (red) even though it was under the limit something along the lines of: 191/203. Is that supposed to happen?
  3. For what it's worth, I dropped for a couple of reasons. A combination of the NHL Playoffs and the birth of a child pretty much preclude me from playing any game at the moment in 20-30 minute spurts. Alas, it will be years before young Isaac hoists his flag.
  4. DickNixon


    I think part of the issue is the crew is -- by default -- set to switch to survival whenever a leak occurs. Prior to the patch, you had to manually switch over, meaning: A. More attention was paid to crew setting. B. You noticed leaks more because you were actively monitoring for them. I personally do not like having survival set as a default-crew management position, since it means you ... don't really have to manage your crew? So I guess I'd advocate for either increasing leak-plugging time, or changing the # of crew needed.
  5. I own a book. Actually, I own several books. Occasionally, I read the words within the books while standing on the quarterdeck, watching the waves roll by.
  6. Just a silly little suggestion I thought of last night, after seeing a few fellow Frenchman plying the waves. It's probably been suggested before, but it would be nice in the OW to be able to 'salute' a ship, or tip our hat to a fellow captain... just send a little OW notification that: [DickNixon] salutes you! (although actually firing a salute would be welcome as well!) Right now, I would feel weird PM'ing people just to say 'hi!' as I sail past. Anyway... Bonne chance!
  7. I discovered last night you can also chain down an ally's sails without becoming a pirate (although you do lose a small amount of XP) But yeah, ramming is always better :-)
  8. Yeah I find it's rarer to get coal from traders than valuable metals (I'm awash in silver and copper atm). But gold does drop fairly regularly from traders ... even cutters and such.
  9. This is <sorta> available in the game logs, but it requires knowing port #s. I'd be willing to hash it all out and build maps using d3.js (that's my day job) but I don't know which #'s correspond to which port.
  10. Does anyone have (or has anyone seen) a good video on de-masting? I feel like I can bang away at a mast, but it never falls. I usually give up and just go back to sail shredding :-(
  11. I'll disagree because I happen to love ship flipping, even when it occurs to me. ... Always good for a laugh :-) Plus, I'm a pretty big fan of ramming enemies in pvp just for **** 'n giggles (or, if the enemy forgets to switch to repair mode, an easy and quick kill). I do, however, fully support the suggestion that game-labs purchases or builds two large sailing ships and rams them together for science. I would even be willing to chip in $25 to this endeavor.
  12. No, you're not entirely off topic, plus -- I happen to entirely agree :-)
  13. I do like this, especially since you could theoretically use most of your repair kits in combat, leaving you almost empty handed. I just think the OW repair (as is) is very powerful. I'd wager that the number of damaged ships being sailed around (aside from captured prizes like mine) is very small.
  14. If you send a ship back to an outpost it teleports there, so there's no escorting of captured ships. (Although I've long thought that would be pretty awesome). You cannot, however (to the best of my knowledge), put loot in the teleported ship. Any loot you receive upon capturing a ship must be carried back to port in the ship you are sailing. Ergo, I sent my warship home and sailed the unarmed trader, since it had the larger cargo hold :-)
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