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  1. Did not know this, thanks Prater. Coming back from a long, long absence. I'm finding there's a lot to catch up on ;-)
  2. The other day while capp'ing a trader (after a successful boarding), the game was displaying that my hold was full (red) even though it was under the limit something along the lines of: 191/203. Is that supposed to happen?
  3. Just a silly little suggestion I thought of last night, after seeing a few fellow Frenchman plying the waves. It's probably been suggested before, but it would be nice in the OW to be able to 'salute' a ship, or tip our hat to a fellow captain... just send a little OW notification that: [DickNixon] salutes you! (although actually firing a salute would be welcome as well!) Right now, I would feel weird PM'ing people just to say 'hi!' as I sail past. Anyway... Bonne chance!
  4. I discovered last night you can also chain down an ally's sails without becoming a pirate (although you do lose a small amount of XP) But yeah, ramming is always better :-)
  5. This is <sorta> available in the game logs, but it requires knowing port #s. I'd be willing to hash it all out and build maps using d3.js (that's my day job) but I don't know which #'s correspond to which port.
  6. Ahhh gotcha, that makes sense. At first, I was very confused :-) Edit: This is petty damn slick. Well done sir :-)
  7. Question for you, what projection are you using? I looked at the geojson, but shouldn't the Longitude's be like -79.xxxx ?
  8. Okay, that makes sense to me now. So the port will buy resources, but not necessarily material, which is why sometimes you can sell material and sometimes not correct? Again, it would be nice to see which prices are set by whom, just to get an idea of market values. As-is, it's hard to tell who is selling what for what amount, who is dumping things cheap, who is over-selling, and what the "base price" (as set by the AI port) is for different resources/materials. Hard to gauge the market. Maybe I should just start keeping spreadsheets for reference.
  9. Okay, so the prices I see in the shop are the actual prices being set by other players then ... and I should continue to price accordingly? If that is so, then I am still a little confused as to why I can 'sell' resources w/out a contract, but not materials even though there are 'sell' prices listed for materials? To sell materials, I have to create a sell contract (can't just click 'sell' in the shop window). For reference, I am listing in Port Royal, which seems to have a pretty vigorous economy going. ,., Tangent: I'm sure there are many other more important things, but a
  10. Is there any way to see what other people are listing an item for? My personal thing is capturing merchants, using their raw materials to craft items and then selling the items I crafted (I figure this way I level up my crafting, get to shoot my guns, and hopefully make a profit along the way). It would be nice to be able to see all the active contracts listed in whatever port you happen to be in, to gauge the market so to speak. Right now I'm looking at the listed price in the shop, and cutting my prices by like ~10 percent to under-cut what I assume to be other players? Are thos
  11. So I'm asking for a 'friend' ;-) But can someone post a quick guide on how to use the contract system... & how to set prices? I *cough* I mean my friend, is totally befuddled when it comes to choosing a price for the 1,975 blocks he has sitting in his inventory. I'm *cough* I mean he, is also a little confused as to why he can sell resources, but not materials... Thanks
  12. DickNixon

    brand new

    Welcome to the new players, and a plug for joining the ranks of the Emperor's fleet :-) We offer wine, baguettes and crepes.
  13. Something similar happened to me yesterday. Joined a battle in which a country-mate of mine was outnumbered. During combat I boarded one of the ships, but did not 'capture' it afterword. We then carried the day and won a victory, but on the victory screen my prize did not appear. I figured it appeared on my mate's victory screen, since he initiated the battle? I did not, after the battle, ask him if this was so, so I'm not really sure what happened to the ship.
  14. Ahhh thank's Spork. don't know why I didn't think of that. It's not very intuitive though is it? Or am I alone on crazy Nixon island...
  15. Maybe I am missing something here, but I cannot seem to close the repair menu (5) after opening it? Logically I keep trying to press 5 to close the menu after I have opened it, but cannot seem to do so. Instead I sometimes find myself accidentally repairing things when I am trying to switch to my gun ammo menu: 5 (open) -> 5 (close) -> 1 (gun) seems to be expressed as 5(open) -> 1 (repair) It could be user error. If not, I would suggest that 5 close the remain menu if it is active :-) Great patch yesterday btw. I am once again thrilled to be capturing priz
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