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  1. melarky

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    Going on the Windows takes control idea, I uninstalled several items that I did not want anymore. I know at least a couple of those try to do automatic updates and unfortunately could not be configured to turn off the updates. I should have done them one at a time and then run NA in between so I could point a finger at one of them, but I did it as a group. The problem is gone for now. Thanks to all for your input.
  2. melarky

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    Ok Norfolk - so do I still want that at 100 or is it just a trial & error sort of thing? btw - my ping rate is around 155 and fps is a steady 60
  3. melarky

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    Tablet mode is and has been off. I started playing in a window - turned off the NA fullscreen option - and so far it has not done a switch. It is not without problems though. In OW the ship pauses a lot. Just for maybe a half second or so but it does it maybe once or twice a minute often as I start typing in IM or a keyboard command. The ship stops, the water keeps moving. Also the entire game screen doesn't fit - even if the window is maximized - and there doesn't appear to be scroll bars on the window. So all the displays around the edge of the playing area - compass, NA toolbar, top menu - are cut off. So some progress but no joy yet...….
  4. melarky

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    One of the symptoms sounds like my problem - Game minimizes - it's still there and I can go back to it by clicking the taskbar button. When I do that the game continues and everything in the game is in order. Given that I played for several months before this started happening, an automatic GPU update (which I thought I had turned off) may have changed some settings?? I know anything is possible, but realistically, the laptop is fairly new - it came with Win10 Home and I reloaded it with Win10 Enterprise to make use of some of the networking features. Could this be an issue? Given that I had downloaded the nVidia drivers directly from their site about 10 days ago, I was surprised to see the Windows Device Manager Update Drivers option actually download display drivers. Usually it would say that I already have the latest drivers. Makes me wonder where the Device Manager update is looking for updates. Norfolk - as you recommended I did not run the downloadable application but the link does have a good list of possible causes. Researching further. Oh - I don't know how to run the game in Windowed Mode - any help there would be appreciated.
  5. melarky

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    this one is - HP Omen
  6. melarky

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    Forgot to mention that 1. this laptop is Win10 Enterprise which is 64 bit. 2. I play about 2-4 hrs per day and the switching can happen anywhere from once or twice a day to every 5 minutes. 3. This just started about 3-4 weeks ago. It did not do this before then.
  7. melarky

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    If it wasn't for the fact that my problem only happens in NA I would be blaming this on my laptop. And it probably still is, but anywho - I'm playing along with NA in fullscreen. Can be doing just about anything. A lot of times I don't even have hands on the keyboard/mouse/touchpad. All of a sudden the game disappears and I am back at the Windows Desktop. There is still a taskbar button for NA and if I click it I am back in the game. Nothing is lost and I am right where I was when I popped out. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this. Will be calling HP next but thought I'd ask here first.
  8. melarky

    Hold Optimization

    this changed a 6 or 8 weeks back - used to be it worked for all boats in the fleet - then they had a bug around it (extra weight in boat would cause it to bottom out in shallows) - when they fixed that the fleeted boats lost the benefit of the perk
  9. melarky

    Knowledge Books Used for Upgrades

    Archaos - I guess that is my real question. I have to have at least 2 if I want to learn and make a perm? Was hoping there was some trick to be able to learn and make a perm with only 1 book. I'm just cheap.
  10. It looks like there are several knowledge books that can be "USED" and then plugged in as a knowledge upgrade OR be included as an ingredient in a perm upgrade. The Old Flag Officer is one example. It has some bonuses by itself used in a knowledge slot or it can be used to make the British Gunnery Sgt. I'm wondering if the same book can somehow be used for both functions - as a knowledge slot AND to make a Gunnery Sgt? Maybe a dumb question but I have been surprised by the answers to other dumb questions I ask here. Expecting that the answer is NO, are these particular books rare compared to other books? I have a few of these and can't decide whether to use them for knowledge slots or perms. When used for a knowledge slot it is reusable, a good thing. But the perms seem to have better bonuses. Thanks.....
  11. melarky

    Confused by the colors

    I have had a lot of "coincidental" things happen to me in this game. Things where the odds were way against it happening. But it does. Two in a row with the color ribbons, finding drops, etc.
  12. melarky

    Confused by the colors

    And all still totally at the mercy of the crafting gods.
  13. I realize different colored ribbons get you different bonuses on a boat you craft. But it's hard to know what all a different color gets you. My situation: I crafted Endymion and it turned out with a pink ribbon. The only advantage I am seeing is that there are 4 perm upgrade slots instead of the usual 3 you get with a blue ribbon. What else, if anything is under the hood? My next crafted ship Renomee, ends up with 4 perm upgrade slots but the ribbon is still blue. In fact I have several ships with 4 slots but still a blue ribbon. What's up with that? Both ships crafted in the last couple of days so it's not some leftover feature. Is this normal?
  14. melarky

    Cumulative Bonuses

    Thanks Lars - those numbers will be tattooed on my arm.
  15. melarky

    Cumulative Bonuses

    At one time I found a thread about this but at the time didn't care too much. Can't find it now. The question is pretty simple. If I use similar upgrades & perks do the bonuses accumulate? For instance a perm upgrade that reduces reload time with a knowledge upgrade that does the same. Do those bonus amounts add together? If yes, is there an upper ceiling where an additional upgrade doesn't increase the bonus any more?