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    Stern rake and damage model

    Stern rake doesn´t seem weak to me. Pehraps a matter of opinion or personal interests but to me it may even seem a bit too powerful. A bad angle and it may seem weak, as it should but in a good angle, to me it seems that sometimes it is too powerful. A large ship can measure about 40 or 50 meters and if i am not mistaken, i saw rakes where at the distance of about 2 large vessels, a rake withy grape can be devastating in game. I do believe grape should not be so effective at 100 mts. at less than 50mts i would think it would be a absolute nightmare to the enemy deck, if marines were getting ready to board. Also, pehraps a 5th rate rake should not be so effective to a SOL as it is in game at present time. A rake made by a SOL to another SOL at short range could be devastating and well... A SOL against a 5th rate would only need a broadside to be devastating. As for the moral, absoluly a good sugestion. I would love to see it. To sink the vessel, i also agree with your sugestion, leaks (enough to win the pumps) and boarding then deciding to scuttle. I would add fire (out of control and maybe the explosion).
  2. Zorion

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    Definitely something i would like very much to have in NA. I do remember when i first sailed on the OW to question why the game had such an arcade sailing. This and another question i had. Mind that i used to play Uncharted Water Online and there i would sail from Europe to China, a journey taking about 4 to 6 hours each leg and depending on the stops. In this we had to manage and make decisions on something i did and still do miss in this game. We had to manage the water, food and amunitions for the journeys. This and choosing how many crew for each vessel. A trader could chose the minimum crew to max the profict and reduce expenses in salary (i would imagine pirates do no pay salary, instead should share the loot of the raids) and water and food consumption. this would have the down side of taking the risk to be a easy prey for a pirate due to the low crew number. A captain aiming for battle could choose the full crew. More expensive and less days at sea but better fit for battle.