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  1. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Is the UI implementation imminent? I guess there will be tweaks afterwards but surely it cant be long now before the major patch takes place? And full release very soon after that? Will the premium ships be a purchase of a ship for 1 durability? or the ability for you to craft that ship?
  2. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Maybe spend something on advertising before is to late? If sales are a problem, sort the UI and get the name out there. Unless you get numbers into the game soon, the downward spiral of ratings and complains will keep going. We all understand the size of the job you have, but it is not a new problem with regards to programmers and player numbers.
  3. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    PVP is the PVP events is also a joke because of the recently killed tag (Cant see the point of it at all) but now people just join after they sink, gain more pvp marks but when you sink them.... nothing. What were the devs thinking.
  4. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Well regardless, I prefer the old style on this point. See who your fighting and What your fighting. Is that to much to ask?
  5. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    I preferred it when they just told us the ship. Changing it to BR has not hidden the ship, just made it more of a pain. Arnt changes suppose to make it easier? I cant see any real gain in what they have done. Alts I agree with, I think its a silly idea they are even allowed, but I'm not accepting this game change just because they dont seem to be able to ban alts and I don't believe the alt argument was the motivation for the change. And BR alone is not a fair comparison. Anyone who plays at all knows that. You want to know the ship. For example a surprise has bugger all BR but will tag you in for a victory to catch up. An Aggy has much more BR but I would take my chances in a trinc given he cant follow me upwind at all.
  6. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    You seem to be missing my point. - Disadvantaging new players - Pointless change with no benefits - I don't want to be sat there working out what ship I'm looking at (Given they change the BR of ships every 5 minutes)
  7. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Well I talk to a lot of people sailing around. Also the BR, like I said, is a disadvantage to new players who maybe haven't memorised a list of ships they have never sailed. Just revert it. The change gained NOTHING.
  8. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    New player experience... just saying that this hiding of player names/ship names has not really improved anything. Now you cant see / talk to anyone in open sea... which has achieved absolutely nothing and frankly made it a little boring sailing around. within a nation there are clans you are aggressive against, and some you are less so. Now there is no determining who is who. Also hiding the ship names, while inconvenient to lot of players, is overcome via experience as we can recognise ships by sight..... but I'm going to guess a new player has no idea what a Bellona or wasa or endy look like by sight. The change achieved nothing and I imagine made it a lot harder for new players. Any chance of reverting it? Also a full tax log/ being able to set up payments on a regular basis into your clan where house and also be able to be paid by the clan regularly. while also logging it along with port income/cost would be very helpful!!
  9. A trader with some income would be nice.... as with RSC having to pay 10 mill? 20 mill? 50 mill a week? we need to be able to do more than what is available to us as a nation And what a useless response. Thanks banished. What a fun game it would be if everyone took your pile of crap advice
  10. Can I just point out, the British have so few profitable trade runs that it is almost not worth doing. The few that make money result in silly competition to actually buy the goods (Parisian furniture comes to mind), which combined with your laughable drop rate means we simply cannot do it. And any ports with good trade runs are buried so deep within other nations boarders we cant exactly just take them either. Unless we buy an alt.... but the idea of you allowing alts is still beyond my understanding when you talk about wanting a game to be "fair".
  11. Ships crafting

    Have fun giving all the people there materials back. Or compensating the people that brought materials at a higher prices in the rush. Going to be a nightmare
  12. Copper: Unobtanium?

    If you are struggling to get Copper ingots, PM me in game. I will sell the plating...... For a price:p
  13. Bring 10 players yourselves to defend? That's the whole point. Bring defenders, combined with the 10 Bots, then if you still cant win a 20v10 then you lose the port..... and frankly, deservedly so.