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    Bring back multiple durability

    We've tested it as nausea, it's simply a chore to have to rebuild and refit every time you sink. From personal experience, I have a ship in every free port. If I lose one, I have to go back to Mortimer, rebuild a ship, find mods, install them and sail them all the way back. Back when we had multiple durability, I could be back in action pretty quick and having fun again. Now, though it's not hard to rebuild, it's a time sink that I don't have time for, so if I lose a ship I'm done for the day. Single durability has significantly reduced the number of battles a player can participate in. I'm all for realism but not at the expense of fun. Bring back multiple durability. Let the ship builder decide how many a ship gets and for every extra pint it takes double the resources for a single point. These multi durability ships would be more expensive, but would stimulate the economy and be a larger gold sink for players who just want to fight and not spend their days in tedious monotony.
  2. Malachy

    another crash to login bug!

    I really don't know why I even bother sending in F11 reports and posting here because I get as much support here as a snowflake in the sahara. Your servers were very unstable tonight. I crashed 3 times, the last two in combat, first from port to the login screen. I was fighting two Wasa, was winning the fight and crashed, came back quickly, not too much issue. Crashed again, could not get back in and logged back into battle a second time to a sunk ship. I am sick and tired of this bullshit. It happens routinely, about every 3 weeks, and you guys sit back on your butts and do nothing about it. I was in a teak/White oak Bellona with Cartagena, Navy Structure refit and Navy Hull refit. My ping is a steady 142 and there is no warning, the game just crashes to desktop. I would appreciate my ship, 125 hull repairs, 125 mast repairs and 1000 rum replaced. I don't mind losing ships in a fight, but Ill be damned if I lose one due to poor programming and/or server maintenance on your part.
  3. Malachy

    another crash to login bug!

    I will add that I just was in a 1 vs 1 with an Endymion. I was boarding him. Just as boarding combat began, I had another crash. This time it just went to the battle end and the target escaped. Again my ping was 142 and there was no indication of packet loss. I had tagged the bugger 20 seconds before I grappled. Do what you will or just ignore it like everything else. I could care less anymore.
  4. Malachy

    another crash to login bug!

    I've been alpha and beta testing for 25 years now. I have never run into a slower or sorrier collection of developers in any game. I've reported this same issue for months now and it still hasn't been fixed. Yet they have plenty of time to add in mechanics that were completely unnecessary. I guess every company needs someone to make excuses and sweep the difficult problems under the table and that appears to be Inks job here. Like I said, I don't expect them to resolve anything, they never have before, why would they start now?
  5. Malachy

    another crash to login bug!

    Its not like they do anything anyhow. I've reported the issue via F11 for the last 10 months now. I frankly don't give a shit what they do. They are about the worst development team I have ever seen work on any game. I have beta and alpha tested over 40 different games in the last 25 years. I do not expect any positive resolution from these guys. They have more excuses than ever as to why they couldn't have screwed something up. If I want bullshit excuses, I just have to ask my 3 year old a question. This game has been in pre release longer than any other title I have ever tested. I even tested a game that had a development team of 2, and it was released and making money in 8 months from the beginning of testing. My expectations of these guys are abysmally low. Not only is their development cycle laggardly and poorly conceptualized for the most part, their troubleshooting and support people are about the laziest folks I have ever run across. And, quite frankly, I don't care what you would do, you are about the sorriest excuse for a player this game has, so go troll somewhere else.
  6. Malachy

    another crash to login bug!

    Ink is always a SOB to me. And has never replaced anything. Basically he always says its not their fault and ignores me. So Ive kinda had it with his laziness. I have top notch internet and never have trouble with any other game. Its just NA that crashes routinely. Like I said in the OP, it does this every three weeks or so and Im getting sick of losing fights due to it. Ive filed about 100 F11 reports on this issue and many others and they all go unremarked, and unresolved. I don't expect every ship to get replaced, but it would be nice not to lose the damned things in the first place. Like I said in my OP, I don't mind losing in a fight, But I am getting sick and tired of losing due to server/program instability. Plenty of other games out there that have been developed properly , even in alpha stages.
  7. Malachy

    another crash to login bug!

    I also filed an F11. IF you guys don't fix this issue, I think Im done playing your buggy game. There are plenty of other games out there that DONT crash every couple weeks, or at all for that matter. I have stayed with you guys for a long time, but I am completely fed up with losing ships in bullshit situations like this, when I would not have even lost the fight had the game not crashed multiple times in a row.
  8. If you are a smaller clan, capture smaller ports. We already have varied size port battles
  9. Malachy

    Thinking out loud: "Caribbean server" new RVR mechanics

    Rvr players will have plenty to do. Pvp players will Be attacking their ports to get them to come out and defend. I know that's what I plan on doing. Screw hunting for pvp, I'll attack someone's port to get them to come defend.
  10. Nope, you now have multiple people willing to call you out on your crap
  11. Wow, those are great suggestions. Where have you been all these months? I vaguely remember your name.
  12. No we didn't. Not all together. And folks have been asking for this for months due to declining population on both servers.
  13. He is seeing the writing on the wall. The Swedish Zerg is not going to be quite as zergy in this new system
  14. No we never tested a system like this. I've been around since day 2 or 3 so stop the bullshit.
  15. Us players are going to have as much trouble attacking EU as EU is to attack US clans. Defense should be pretty easy for either side. If you lose a port both sides will need to get creative to take it back or recruit friends to help on the other side. I also like the fact that ports will cost more to maintain. No more of one or two clans owning everything .
  16. Honestly, it will all work out. Ive been limited to EU port battles on weekends for over a year now. Half my clan are EU players and they play late. An early US port battle is around 10 or 11 pm EU time. We are becoming a global civilization, and nations and clans will need to make sure they are truly global in order to survive. Most games don't cater to time zones at all, and doing so has caused plenty of trouble.
  17. Most US folks are working in our afternoons. We don't have decadent work hours like our EU friends
  18. By all means stay away from GB. Right now the gankers are flowing in to be slaughtered and I like this. If we get too many global pvpers, pvp may dry up again and I'll have to start sailing around looking for it
  19. The former pirates clubbed Mortimer. Pretty much everyone clubbing Mortimer were former Aloha
  20. Shouldn't be an issue to most USA players. I live in North Central Nebraska, 60 miles from the nearest town, 6 miles from the nearest road, and I have 100 ping on EU server.
  21. Malachy

    Please strongly nerf the clan power in game

    That argument holds no dice. It was Saturday, prime time, 4 different nations, 3 with mega populations and only green zone bottom feeders. I covered a ton of territory, I should have run into someone. Would have, pre safe zone, pre durability nerf. This isn't the first time it's been like this, it's pretty normal for the Eu server now. I used to fight over 50 battles a week. I'm lucky to get 10 to 15 now and the populations aren't much different. If the EU server is this pathetic, I'd hate to see global.
  22. Malachy

    Please strongly nerf the clan power in game

    I second Liqs opinion. Spent 4 hours in game yesterday during prime time. Over 400 people on. There were some folks sailing in all the protected areas, i sailed from tumbado to Belize through the Russian enclave, nada. I sailed up to Mortimer and patrolled there, the channel and tortue, nothing. We did see a large french group returning to tortue, we were in light frigates (2) of us and there were 7 or 8 of them. We swapped to lineships to fight them 2 on 7 but they ported and were never seen again. We patrolled kpr looking for gankers, nada. I went to aves and patrolled french and swede waters, nada. Just folks in the protected zones. It's not the clans killing this game, it's the damned protected zones.
  23. I do not speak for Britain, as I don't give a crap about RVR, but I do speak for my clan. One of our members (Draconis) agreed to a 2 vs 1 in CBC favor the other day. CBC jumped in with 4 plus ships. CBC earned a death mark for their entire clan with this dishonorable behavior and will be attacked on sight.