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    The only real notable differences I see is the Hermione can carry 32pd carrons on her gun deck as apposed to the Cecilia's 24pds. Hermione also has a bit more mast thickness as well as being a touch faster. Cecilia has 315 crew over the Hermiones 280, but also requires 130 sailing crew over the Hermiones 90. The Cecilia also has a marginally better turn rate by roughly .2 degrees. As far as the POS chart idk where to find it but I assume they're both fairly similar. Overall i'd say both ships are competitive, neither one being necessarily worse than the other.
  2. Exodus

    Request for Global Ceasefire

    Ehh, I'll agree... But you really should've evacuated days ago...
  3. Exodus

    Bomb Vessel Video

    The "bombs bursting in air" in our national anthem referring the mortars of HMS ships was a neat little factoid
  4. Exodus

    US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Why would you bump this god awful thread -_-"
  5. Exodus

    Hurricane Irma

    When the devs said we were getting a map wipe they weren't kidding. Stay safe beast coasters
  6. No, because then everyone would just flock back to the super powerful US like they did with the Pirates and we'd have the same problems
  7. Exodus

    Loot timer on sinking ships

    Haven't had a problem staying with a ship that was sinking. Last time I overshot was against a lynx in my constitution.
  8. Exodus

    PvE Server Game play overhaul

    Very well thought out suggestion. This is how I see the final version of NA looking. (or should look)
  9. Exodus

    Why did players leave?

    Its still EA, no mechanics are set, 1 25v25 is too small for taking ports
  10. Exodus

    Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Invisibility timer + 50% speed boost, that way you can get a headstart away from any revenge fleets while not giving free TP passes to gankers
  11. Exodus

    Complaints after playing a week

    You should never buy ships from the NPC's. ALWAYS ask your nation/clan shipbuilders to build you a ship as its much cheaper that way. If you can't afford to PVP then just don't do it until you get enough funds to, and when you do don't take out your biggest baddest ship out, because you're going to lose it sooner or later. If you really want to pvp, grab a snow, or merc (20-40k), fit some cheap 6pders and go hunt other 7th rates. If you win you double your money, if you don't you're only out a couple br 100 kills.
  12. Exodus

    Basic Cutter needs a change

    Simple fix, make basic cutter PVE only and if people want to swarm, they have to buy/craft a normal cutter.
  13. Exodus

    Complaints after playing a week

    I'm in a clan, rarely do we ever do missions together unless it a few friends. Don't even have a clan warehouse. I've basically been a solo player but I've had no trouble raising enough funds to sit comfortable with a business. In fact I've probably given away at least 150k in ships/cannons to other guildies. It pretty much a matter of not losing your ships/don't PVP with ships you can't afford to lose
  14. Exodus

    Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    Very nice, should ease some of the pain felt by newbros in their 7th-6th rates