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    Caribbean Invasion News

    The US coast currently makes farming marks for those books easier than it would in other locations. And we have had several fights this week on the US coast that have not been clubbing with US numbers outnumbering UwS by a decent ammount. We still stand and fight.
  2. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I would say that UwS has a huge focus on the US for the time being. However that is to change as our goal for now is to build up pvp marks for some books for the clan prior to moving on to other waters. Also while he’s the occasional club happens the majority of the time UwS sit ourside major US ports waiting for a Coast Guard to meet us and fight. We have typically fought outnumbered and only when odds are far outside our favor will we break and run.
  3. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    We supported the Spanish in a port battle against the Brit’s a few nights before we ended up in a 25 on 9 first rate battle in which we took out three I believe before being completely overwhelmed. So we have been places other than the US coast. We are just trying to unlock combat carpenters on all our guys and loadsman on some of our guys so we need to farm up the pvp marks.
  4. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    This can also be done with an LGV Refit which is designed for raiding traders and hiding in enemy ports.
  5. MarkusBarak

    Caribbean Invasion News

    So last night there was a little action around a place called Little River. The US came in great numbers to defend the port and a great battle took place. Battle of Little River.
  6. MarkusBarak

    Glory in Death!!! How not to Attack a US player.

    You would be correct!!! Yeah I just got out of a fight lost most of my sails used up all my repairs and got caught heading back to port. Knew I was dead but had no idea it would end that way!!!
  7. MarkusBarak

    PVP 2 USA is down

    One more nail in the coffin for PVP1 sadly....
  8. MarkusBarak

    [PETITION] Camp du Roy

    My clan has since switched to france from pirates because of this change however, one of my members was a day late on the patch and lost all his belongings at CDR hoping that within a week or two we could get his stuff out and he could change over to france. He so far has yet to be able to rejoin. At this point is it possible to just change his flag from pirate to france so he can rejoin us without losing everything.
  9. MarkusBarak

    Ship crafting path - Updated 06-03-16

    Also confirm Mercury produces Niagra BP also Niagra only requires lvl 1 shipyard.
  10. MarkusBarak


    Highly unfair that this has taken place with such a small part of the community involved.