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  1. ZackTennyson

    to NPG. Please accept our symphaty

    WE therefore commit his body to the deep, to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the body (when the sea shall give up her dead,) and the life of the world to come, through our Lord Jesus Christ; who at his coming shall change our vile body, that it may be like his glorious body, according to the mighty working whereby he is able to subdue all things unto himself.
  2. ZackTennyson

    PVP Global Crashes every 30 mins

    its actually every 20 mins and is being very consistent - been going on for about the last 3 hours now
  3. ZackTennyson

    Why "Naval Action Legends"?

    oh, just call the new game Naval Action: Boaty McBoatface and be done with it
  4. We are only having the character wipe now, due to a major change in the way information is stored and organised in the databases... We are used to the game in its present condition and that has been stable for a long time, what happens after the eventual wipe is anyone's guess. However, the longer it is now delayed for the more players the game will loose.
  5. ZackTennyson

    Crafting and blueprint changes

    So, Just to clarify after the eventual wipe, do we keep the crafting experience we have gained so far... or will that all go by the by due to the new ways to gain some of the bits needed for ship construction?
  6. If you dont like global chat, why not simply turn it off or just ignore it... many many other people like the conversations that go on there
  7. ZackTennyson

    warnings abuse

    what abuse, the duping gold mod thing that caused the hot fix in the first place... and as for proof the youtube video was shared in game chat
  8. ZackTennyson

    warnings abuse

    I consider this abuse from a mod for stating what has happened and questioning the resultant hot fix and what follows... if free speech is not allowed then you have lost a customer and gained a lot of negativity oh you want proof? watch this, its why the hot fix was applied ther
  9. ZackTennyson

    missions spawning on land still not fixed

    Never seen missions spawn on land before.... spawning in shallow water still happens at levels where there will only be deep water hulls so that needs sorting
  10. ZackTennyson

    Hotfix - 9.67

    Well that should sort out some port battle strategies. On with the fun!
  11. ZackTennyson

    Production Buildings and XP

    The idea of the full player market economy, is that there are guys that pull resources from the buildings they then sell to the crafters... In the format as it presently is I see no issue with the labor hours
  12. ZackTennyson

    Hotfix - 9.66 - Changing changes + some other things

    it says 3rd rate turning rates reduced, as the Bellona is a 3rd rate will include it; i assume
  13. ZackTennyson

    Patch 9.65 - Crew and resource production

    good stuff -Devs- Why would you have a bonus for another shipyard thats in a different port many miles away?
  14. I spend most of my time on PVP 3 EU In real life i am a Customer service rep anyway, so used to having a thick skin, and wielding an appropriate hammer as and when required or slapping someone with a fish-head as appropriate. I would love to aid in being a mod, though i suspect you wont take me as i dont have many forum posts
  15. ZackTennyson

    Patch 9.64 - Small Battles and Account XP

    So now its impossible to make money with repair kits costing a possible 3000 gold. you make 2000 gold a mission..... missions are now not worth it based on time taken