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  1. Can I use forged document to change servers?
  2. Rifleman57

    Text is too small to read when I unclick full screen

    So, I should just sit down and shut up and it might fix itself. Been here before and I'm sure I'll be here again. Thanks for the reply.
  3. The text boxes for chat are too small to read unless I use full screen. I need to adjust my Discord and TS3 channels throughout a game. I have to hit graphics, uncheck full screen and then access the the other programs. All the while I can't run the game. How can I not use full screen and be able to read the text boxes at the same time?
  4. Thank you Christendom. That was the worst day gaming I've had in a long time, but having you covering my back like that let's me know I'm playing the right game. Thanks again.
  5. I was in the screening fleet for the defence of Port au Prince on Saturday. It was my first contested PB, so I was praying not to screw up. The battle raged on for quite awhile until the dread pirates attacked our thin red line.guarding the port. It took me awhile, but I was in the line ready for a fight. It started, and I was scanning around to see how many red names were next to me. When I was having a look around, all of a sudden the game made me stare at my main mast. I couldn't move the view, and it took me a few seconds before I realized that the game was going to drop me. Sure enough I'm back to Steam. Ok, so I've played enough WoT to know this happens, but would I still have a ship when I finally got back. The game always sends a report detailing the problem encountered. Unfortunately, because there were about 50 ships, the report took the better part of a minute to send through. This made me want to rage against the machine. Eventually, I heard the game going on, and a lifetime later, I was finally back in the game. First thing I noticed was that my ship was still afloat. The next thing was to see all the damage I had sustained while on sabbatical. I had a sliver of right hull, but most of my left and internal structure was still there. So, holding my breath, I scanned the vicinity to see how big a mess I was in. Most of the fight had moved away from my right, but on my left, a Constitution was attacking. We exchanged broadsides where upon I realized that if I didn't get out of there, I would have to tell my clan how I lost my ship. I was definitely not looking forward to that. I saw that, if I went straight, the green ships there might be able to get me through. It almost worked but I was still taking fire. My right side was now gone, and the left was disappearing fast. Trying to get through the frackus ahead, I bumped into a red ship, not that I remember what kind of ship it was, let alone their name. They were nice enough to spin my a few degrees away from being directly into the wind. That urge to rage came back. I was stuck crawling agonizingly slowly almost straight into the wind. I needed a little speed before the rudder would be able to bite into the water before I could turn. Right here I noticed a Constitution was closing on my right side. Crap! I assumed they were the same Connie that had blasting me earlier. A quick panicked look showed me he was green. They were a a British ship from another clan. They slid up to my right side and covered me while I painfully inched forward. The battle had moved on from my corner of the battle, so I was able to get out. The Connie stuck with me until I could catch some wind and exit out of the game. I limped to the neared friendly port to repair. So much for my first chance to show my clan that they hadn't wasted their time on me. So, to the Captain of the British Constitution that got a wounded comrade off the battlefield: thank you. If anyone reading this, and has gotten this far, knows who the Connie Captain is, please let them know I wrote this and to let me know who they were. All I could focus on at the time were the brackets to see that they were in a clan, and they were a beautiful green colour. But their name could have been in hieroglyphics for all I can remember, being somewhat distracted. So I am hoping to thank them in person. Now I'm going to check out Jaheil's latest report to see how the battle went while I was MIA. (Ausez)Rifleman57
  6. Rifleman57

    Faster reload time

    I've heard there is a way to reload your guns faster if you assign crew from the loaded guns to the unloaded guns. True or false, and if true please tell me how to do it. Thanks
  7. I just joined this group, and already I know I made the right choice. These guys are amazingly helpful and generous. They are a blast to play with. Looking forward to my first port battle today. I highly recommend joining up.
  8. Canadian Post Captain in Pacific time zone. Do you have enough players online in my region to play regularly?
  9. Rifleman57

    Sons of Britain NOW RECRUITING PVP 2

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks
  10. Rifleman57

    Sons of Britain NOW RECRUITING PVP 2

    There haven't been any new posts here for a year. Is SoB no more? If I don't hear back soon, I'll have to keep looking.
  11. Rifleman57

    What server should I be on after the purge?

    Seems like it's sit down and shut until the Devs decide to reset the game. I'll just focus on finding a clan for now.
  12. Rifleman57

    What server should I be on after the purge?

    Thanks again.
  13. Rifleman57

    What server should I be on after the purge?

    Thanks guys, but can you move characters between servers? I have a 1st Lt in PvE. Can I port him to PvP?
  14. Do characters transfer between servers or are they stuck? I'm PST, so which server should I be in, so I don't have to battle at 3 in the morning? Thanks
  15. Rifleman57

    Sons of Britain NOW RECRUITING PVP 2

    Hi Guys, I'm an old time miniature naval wargamer. Looking for some group actions online. I've been on World of Tanks long enough, and I'm ready to get my feet wet. I'm in PST. I hope there are some events that don't start in the middle of the night for me. Spent lots of time in clans, always had a good time. Haven't picked a server yet. Over the last week I've been on PvE and I'm a First Lt. Let me know if this is the place for a casual gamer that wants to get better and have some fun. Rifleman57