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  1. I was looking through the save files, but found it quite difficult to find the the troops numbers. Any tips on this and save games in general?
  2. Interesting, have you found out anything about the battles, or even a file where they might be stored?
  3. Was the artist changed between the games?
  4. ...Andre, you are beta testing? Or suggesting something? So far I have seen no indication of such score whatsoever.
  5. Delay the enemy troops, and yes make the chase if that is what it takes. Just keep them off the objective. It's hard, but doable. Last time I played the timer ran out just before the Union was about to capture the objective.
  6. Delay, delay, delay(fighting is harder than marching), and sacrifice all troops if necessary. Casualties will still be low compared to fighting the whole battle. All you need to do is hold the objective until timer runs out.
  7. Nick, how much do you play the game? Because. it. is. true. I'll run a campaign with Unions and confeds on normal once the new patch comes out. Or maybe the final patch. In any case I never sacrifice soldiers to win, and the AI almost always outnumbers and outclasses me. Unless it is a scenario where you've basically disabled the scaling...
  8. Well done. This is why it would be really beneficial to see some of the values(like the supply wagon stockpile, or unit ammo) in pure numbers instead of just bars.
  9. I skip the briefings always, they are completely useless and generally wrong.
  10. Most likely a timer issue
  11. I bought the original Europa Universalis(Paradox Entertainment for those not in the know) when I was still a teenager. EU IV is quite an improvement. Hopefully this is what happens with UG series. For sure this game is worth the money still, even if it doesn't fill all my expectations(or promises, mr 'Campaign fully depends on player actions' ).
  12. Well, it's a pointless thought since nothing is gonna change. I am starting to think this game is practice run for the actual title.
  13. No, my point was rather that you could fix the armies swelling up to trillion men because the AI sucks, or artificial 20 brigades and 1 corps rules by simply imposing logisitics rule. Ie. the south can only bring x men to Antietamn since they only have x supply. Likewise this would make the side missions way more interesting(capoture the supply depot and you can bring 10k more men, or enemy can bring 10k less etc). I wasn't suggesting that scaling can be fixed by changing all units to supply wagons
  14. Supply and logistics is what true military professionals study. And had there been some more research gone to that in the game it could have easily replaced the faulty scaling system.
  15. Well, the player should be given some extra supply wagons, since the AI seems to have a couple of dozen of them in each battle(I assume because the AI sucks in handling them).