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  1. As I just finished a battle with RB and liked it, I guess I will stay with it. I like the pace. If I was a few minutes away from my death, I think I would be marching and not sprinting; unless we are talking sniper ... than zig zig for your life. I once saw an analysis that compared to volley fire rifled muskets to the Maxim HMG of WWI. (Everyone was basically using them, but calling them by different names.) The lethality was pretty much comparable.
  2. I completed my very first game (yes on easy with RB mod). Wow! Very intuitive UI for the most part. After having play Take Command it wasn't really a stretch. I think the turning point for me as the Union holding Henry Hill was capturing a Reb supply wagon with my cavalry. I don't think I would have been able to stop Johnston's counter attack without it. Huzah!
  3. I would like to see a gamma control in the graphic options. It is too dark by default. Yes, I am tweaking my screen, but when I go to the desktop to do something out, everything looks washed out. Thanks.
  4. New player here. I usually start off my games modded. Why? The mods tend to be better after you know the game, and I prefer to avoid two learning curves. So, there is: * Unmodded * AI+UI Customizations * Rebalance * Surrender Of course, amusingly, they are all from the same person. So, which mod or unmodded to use and why? Thanks. PS1: I will be looking to play campaign on easy soon. PS2: At the moment, I have Rebalance installed. I like the more visible arcs, the cannon ammo arcs, and the movement seems to reflect realtime play as opposed to speeded up.
  5. Howdy, Ray! Yes, a long time. I am not on the Beech, but left NJ, USA for Taiwan, China five years ago. (If you live here, you will know that I just made a very contentious statement "Taiwan, China" and not simply "Taiwan".) My position is that Taiwan is part of China. I do believe the Taiwanese are entitled to advocate for political independence of their island, but this idea of them not being ethnically and racially Chinese is nonsense. It would be like the USA colonies asserting that they were not culturally British. No founding father of the USA had even been born in the colonies.
  6. Yes, there is. v9.01 for Rome+BI and Alexander. I played it, but prefer Roma Surrectum v3.1, and will also play Europa Barborum v1.32. DM was an earlier Mod than the other two, he had left the scene already. The other two are quite a bit more "total". My first exposure to his work was the purchase of STW2, and I only play with DM 5.1. It adds more than any other mods out there for Shogun2 and is high customizable through a configurator. I am aware there is the Radius Mods/Team and they do fine work. I have not tried any of their stuff. This is because you really need to pay (be my patron) for full access. There is a fine line between sharing the love of your hobby and being monetarily compensated. I have spent many hours adding to the global gaming community since Falcon 3 and asked for nothing. I think we would all be a lot poorer if every modder/guide writer wanted cash. With that said, I was an equity holder in AGEOD. I liked the initial product: BOA. (The artwork of Sandra Duval and the genius of Philippe Thibaut the creator of EU1.) I believe Nick has taken the right route to be paid for what he loves; going into a serious independent business; not piggy backing on some other developer. I will pay him for quality games, but will not buy mods.
  7. Darth, I have played your mods for RTW1 and STW2. I only saw your departure notice as I was a late comer to the TW series. I have been on the Madminute Games team that did Take Command and Scourge of War. I have been on the Command Ops team which did: HTTR, COTA, BFTB (WWII realtime operational combat), and I was an investor and team member of AGEOD which did: AACW and ACW2 (and many others). I must say I am really impressed with what you have here. It got it for $9 USD, but at $30 without bloodsucking DLC for each battle ... it is a gem. I have been learning the ropes playing Bull Run/1st. Manasas. I have been having a panic. What a joy. Maybe Robert E. Lee was wrong when he said, " It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it." I wish you all the success. Take CA down a peg or two! Merry Christmas.
  8. Where are my green foot prints when I select units? Did I fail to enable something? Thanks.
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