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  1. I think I want to add one more UI issue. The lack of a true 3D camera does not impact game play and I can see how that could save greatly on development budget. But I often write AARs for friends. I don't think this game is very AAR friendly, since I cannot frame the action in most dramatic way to go with the narrative. I have two realism issues: That cannon can blast away through or in close proximity to their own troops. This vastly simplifies their use. What it the point I having such beautifully rendered maps when LOF for cannons play no role? Officers are completel
  2. (1) Show all paths like when you press the SPACE key in TW. Given that some of the paths are implicit, because a unit is currently engaged, then implicit paths should have different shading than ones that are explicit (unimpeded). (2) Being able to jump to the camp UI during a battle in read only mode to simply see your TOE. So, you can have a better sense of what has come and will come. (I have kept screenshots for this purpose, but a built-in mechanism would be better.) I don't expect further changes to this game. It is fantastic already, but these would just make it even bet
  3. Here are the conclusions which I have reached relative to scaling: * The maps are fixed. As unlike SOW and TW which only does its computation based on flags, UGCW uses unit footprints for cover and such. Thus small units generally are able to benefit from the terrain more than large. * 12LB Napoleons do way more damage in canister range than infantry. Correct management of cannons by the player far exceeds what the AI is capable of. * The combination of using very large battery brigade with very senior officers eliminates micromanagement while creating a killer like non-other
  4. Also, how to jump to a unit from the list? Double click? Thanks.
  5. Yes, that is it. I thought maybe it signified an event. Thanks.
  6. Normally, I try to get the cannons above and behind my infantry to fix the enemy while the guns fire canister. But sometimes it looks like my guns are no hire than the infantry? Huh????? Thanks. PS: Playing latest version Steam with RB mod.
  7. This is a repost of part of an email to a friend with who I often discuss game design with. He was not a software engineer, but I was. The battles are great. This is why I have two unfinished campaigns STW2/DM and RTW2/DEI. The campaign level is great, but the battles fail to require thought and have few tactical features or realities. TW battles are the 20 page Reader's Digest version of Gone With Wind. Don't let UGWC fool you into thinking it is "beer and pretzels". It a serious "grog" game. It looks like less because the UI is well done. GROG games often have terrible UIs n
  8. Can I change these values in the middle of an on going campaign? If so, when should I do it, and when will I see the impact? Will changing those values make a change in a CUSTOM/SCENARIO battle setup so that I can play around with the impact? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I am from NYC, but now living in Greater China. I've been to France, but not Germany. These days I travel furthest from from my room to the kitchen. It seems the safest way to travel!
  10. Panda, Let me first ask an irrelevant question which you needn't answer. Are you 1/2 Chinese/German? 我說中文比德文好. Ich glaube meine Hochchinesisch ist besser. Well, now that that is out of the way. I saw an answer you wrote on Steam. I embarking on my first campaign. Right now EASY. AIscalingSizeMultiplier AIscalingExperienceMultiplier If it would not be too much trouble, could you suggest 3 incrementing difficulty pairs for EASY and 3 incrementing pairs for NORMAL. I would really appreciate it, since I would only be guessing. I do want to stick with
  11. If you have access to Steam you will find both written guides and references to videos. Or just do a YouTube search. If you are a war gamer, I think the camp is the harder portion ... it you have done linear combat before.
  12. It shows up above the army commander's name on his card in your mod. Thanks. If it is hit points what would that mean in this context?
  13. Are these abstract units or actual distances in yards? Also, except for the Rebalance Mod is there anyway to have any idea of distance on the battlefield? Thanks.
  14. J&P, I have had this game for a year or so. Played a bit when I got it. Reread the manual and played a vanilla battle today. Then, I applied "RebalanceModV1.27.1a", a replaying the battle. Just fantastic. Everything feels right. Even on slowest before the pace felt off. Also, the cavalry are really swift as they should be. Finally, weapons fire although deadly; again does seems appropriate. ACW studies found many didn't even fire and had multiple balls in their barrels. WWII studies again showed, many didn't shoot at people. And modern studies seem show the
  15. As I just finished a battle with RB and liked it, I guess I will stay with it. I like the pace. If I was a few minutes away from my death, I think I would be marching and not sprinting; unless we are talking sniper ... than zig zig for your life. I once saw an analysis that compared to volley fire rifled muskets to the Maxim HMG of WWI. (Everyone was basically using them, but calling them by different names.) The lethality was pretty much comparable.
  16. I completed my very first game (yes on easy with RB mod). Wow! Very intuitive UI for the most part. After having play Take Command it wasn't really a stretch. I think the turning point for me as the Union holding Henry Hill was capturing a Reb supply wagon with my cavalry. I don't think I would have been able to stop Johnston's counter attack without it. Huzah!
  17. I would like to see a gamma control in the graphic options. It is too dark by default. Yes, I am tweaking my screen, but when I go to the desktop to do something out, everything looks washed out. Thanks.
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