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  1. Sirs, What is the Pray Button used for? Thankyou
  2. I have sold contracts but I can not figure out how to buy one in the Shop Tab while in port. Please help - Thanks
  3. I think the crew cost is to much, in the royal navy crews where press with little cost to the captains so I believe this cost should be lowered.
  4. Thank you for your help and it works fine Eishen
  5. I have downloaded the compass to my PC but having a hard time making it work on NA in game Map. Can someone help me on this with some input on how to do it? Thanks Toggman
  6. I am having a hard time downloading your app for your compass, can you give me a short download instruction on loading it to the ingame map on NA. Thanks
  7. You guys are awesome
  8. I ask again, is double shot coming back any time some or what is happening to it?????
  9. When is double shot coming back??????
  10. What is the story on double shot, still waiting for it's return.,
  11. I would like to see in the game map a compass so you could click on a port or in open sea and a compass would pop up so you could make bearing from there, plus a place to type a port name and you would go to that port on the map, it would make it easy to find a port that way. Thank you Toggman
  12. I would like to see a place in the game map to place a text to find ports of call. Right there no way to find a port without searching the whole map one port at a time. Thank you
  13. Need to have the bell ring each time you click the J key, I hit J key and it rings once and I have to wait 5 to 10 sec. before I can use it again, not a good alarm for ships in your space. Toggman
  14. I would like to see some sail repairs because all ships at that time carried spare sails, two repairs for sails would be nice. Plus at lease one hull repair. Thank you ps love the game
  15. Yes, the world map is smaller then the beginning was as far as I can see.