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Indiaman Paint Schemes


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Dear Captains

Please post beautiful pictures of the Indiaman color paint schemes.

The ship is a reconstruction based on Chapman's Indiaman blueprints.
Paintings, Drawings or Collection scale models photos are welcome.


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Some Dutch Eastindiamen


Model of Bossen Hooven ( Source ):




Model of Prins Willem (Prince William; Source):





"Eastindaman at anchor", drawing by Jan Brandes 1738 (at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam):





"Jacob van Strij - Het jacht van de kamer Rotterdam begroet een Oostindiëvaarder."
Jacob van Strij (painter) - The yacht of the chamber of Rotterdam greets an Eastindiaman.




Judging from these pictures and paintings I think that the paint scheme of the Amsterdam ship at the museum isn't too far off:




Personally I'd say that that what is brown painted there, is just blank wood on the originals. Maybe treated with oils to make it last longer.

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