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  1. USS Pennsylvania 1821-37 - doesn't fit for the game period. It's too modern ship balancing between sails and steam engines era. Also USS Delaware and USS North Caroline (1824) was made in this period of time. USS Franklin (1815) - fits better in this period USS Constellation - the one of the original six frigates of the United States Navy. It is so called sister ship of USS Constitution.
  2. One suggestion: don't cut gun ports till you finish the entire hull shell. When hull is done, place the boxes (actually the copy of one box with exact width and length) along the sides where the gun ports should be on your blueprint and rotate every box to be perpendicular to the hull sides. Do the boolean operation (subtraction) or cut holes manually. When its done every gun port will be the same width and length. So it will looks accurate and nice.
  3. "Model appears to have been made for demonstration purposes" http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66519.html
  4. "Two 3rd rates in development" means something like: Agamemnon and Wapen von Hamburg III. Wapen von Hamburg III has many guns to fit in English 3rd rate classification or 4th rate. It is a "convoy ship", something like a fortress with sails and it could be 4th or 3rd rate. Christian IIV could be 2nd according to English or 1st using Dutch rating system. and yes, there are other ships in production
  5. The Trafalgar diorama. The ship has a shed on poop deck. http://fotos.subefotos.com/457eef8022a4b722e301a52d52c08c75o.jpg Also there is a very nice painting in Paris Naval Museum of le Bucentaure without the shed. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/89/Trafalgar-Mayer_mg_0586.jpg Sometimes artists lose some details or exaggerate details to make the composition of their paintings more attractable. This is why a single ship will looks not the same on different paintings. In case of this ship we decided to add the shed to make the ship more unique look. This is an
  6. le Bucentaure is ready and waiting its turn for QA with others ships like Ocean, Hermione, Prince and others. The dev team is focused on game-play issues and delivering the new patch. As mentioned before new ships will be added with every patch.
  7. the shipyard is fully loaded right now, but keep believing, probably in near future this ship will get a green light
  8. Dear Captains Please post beautiful pictures of the Indiaman color paint schemes. The ship is a reconstruction based on Chapman's Indiaman blueprints. Paintings, Drawings or Collection scale models photos are welcome.
  9. Surcouf, you are right, two sails config on mizan is more common. The one sail config is unique there are not so many ships of the same class with such sails and It has its benefits. The size of one sail is almost the same as size of two and the one sail is faster responding than two. The negative effect of this config is when the mast damaged the ship will loose all sails on mizan mast. We try to make ships different and unique...
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    ships work in progress images
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