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Russian Frigate 1669 'Orel' (With Plans)

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Ships of founded in November 1667 in the village of Dedinovo on the Oka, near Kolomna, to protect merchant shipping from Persia in the Caspian Sea. Construction finished in 1669. This is the first Russian warship. Is a type of double-decker three-masted ship Maritime length of 25 meters, a width of 6.5 and a draft of 1.5 meters, armed with 22 guns and hand grenades. In the summer of 1669 "Eagle" with a small flotilla passed first in Nizhny Novgorod, and thence down the Volga to Astrakhan. In 1670, he was captured by the rebellious peasants, led by Stepan Razin. After the uprising tsarist troops play any useful role the ship and failed. According to surviving documents of those years have reason to believe that he was for many years, stood idle in the channel Kutum, near one of the Astrakhan settlements came into complete disrepair.





















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