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An issue regarding the accuracy of fire when an interloping ship intersects the ideal trajectory of a shell fired at a further ship.


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On 2/25/2022 at 10:44 AM, Captain Meow said:

@Nick Thomadis

The issue still exists.

Yes, confirmed.  I'm playing an 1890's campaign as Italy.  In the one battle I've had (my game has stopped giving me battles at all) I had my 2 battleships lobbing fire into a group of 7 CA.  I intentionally aimed at cruisers to the rear, when nearer ships would cross the line of fire, and generated the out of norm hit percentages (over 60% hits when the accuracy on the ship card said 7%).  That said, the new accuracy/precision mechanics seemed to have some effect.  The impact pattern looked more like actual naval gunnery by trained crew, so kudos there.

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Been a couple months, no response, bump to try for dev awareness, again.  Still happening as of 1.05 public release.

Also once more, good wishes to all the team with the current tragedy ongoing.  Slava Ukraine.  F*** VP. 

Once more asking for forum mod to move this to the appropriate forum, or tell me how I can do it.  Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know, it's not listed as a fix for 1.4 either.  There are great things about UA:D, and there are things that make me despair.  I want to open a port on the map, and build ships from there, instead of build ship, go to fleet list, assign port from a scrolling, small list.  Especially destroyers, I actually have trouble sometimes, finding the right port.  That's just one example.  I think the game desperately needs QoL passes.  I think they'd be well worth it, and this bug with intercessing accuracy actively affects how I handle ship maneuvers.  I daren't cross ships close by, or the AI will likely deeply damage, or sink, the one they're not even aiming at.

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15 hours ago, UnleashtheKraken said:

 Especially destroyers, I actually have trouble sometimes, finding the right port. 

I hate this also with a passion, mostly because the port list doesnt seem to be any particular order that I can discern, nor can you apply any form of sorting to it. Hell even alphabetical by port name would help a lot. I know that the ports are clumped together in their geographical areas (mostly...sort of) but there doesnt seem to be any sense applied to how those geographical areas are sorted! It gets maddening when you have a large amount of ports.


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