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  1. I would shed barrels. You've gone with triples and a heavy secondary armament. For this time period, dual barrels can be better, in this game, in my experience, any other caveats assumed. Your deck is crowded, and I would simplify gun layout. I too used to cram every turret I could get in the hopes of long range luck. I now am a firm believer in finding the range where main guns are at 10-15% accuracy, keep the ship angled to improve the armor with effective thickness, and manage range to target. In order to accomplish this, I'd swap your triples for doubles across the board, mains a
  2. SMS Lutzow sank slowly, allowing her crew to reach lifeboats and be retrieved by other ships, torpedo boats retrieved the crew and transferred them. She took over 6 hours to sink after withdrawing from battle. Lethality goes up with the quickness of sinking - HMS Hood had 3 survivors after suffering her magazine detonation. Here's a Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_maritime_disasters_in_World_War_II. Troopships seem to be absolute deathtraps, take a few torps and out of thousands aboard, maybe a couple hundred survive. Points of note: Yamato
  3. That very well could be. I've tried paging Dar...I mean N. Thomadis a couple times. There is definitely SOMETHING not right. I'd feel reassured if they just dropped a 'yes, we know about this, fix in progress'. Edit: Actually after I posted, I thought about it, and I have seen behavior where when the shooting ship is hitting the interceding ship, the shells are definitely off the target line, hitting almost the center of the obstruction. This reinforces my thinking that the obstruction now becomes a 'magnet' for all the misses, so long as the turret/gun that is firing is still obstru
  4. One thing I'm really hoping is a mechanic for survivors of a sunk ship, if you win, you recover, and if you lose (maybe) the enemy takes them as POWs, and then that has an effect on diplomacy, public support, etc.
  5. I have seen shots bounce, the armor of the obstructing ship still seems to matter, but your suggestion about firing down the target line is interesting. I had thought that the obstructing ship becomes a miss, but it then becomes the place where all 'misses' land, because of the pre-rolled hit chance on shot. Not sure which (if either) is correct, I've only barely scratched at some C# code which I've been learning on and off. Way above my level.
  6. Okay, I've tested it under the newest update, 1.03. This problem is still happening. It's very noticeable against transports. Again note that to test this, you should shoot at two close enemy, target the ship to the rear and be not far yourself - the shell trajectory seems to need to be obstructed. Above: The CL Diamond engages enemy transports. The ship being hit is not the targeted one - that ship is partly hidden by all the damage messages against the interceding ship. Again, every shot fired hits the wrong ship. There are no long misses, or to the side. The shot groupin
  7. I get what you're saying, but I do not believe the extreme hit rate against an interceding ship is due to misses. I think that the game hit calculation logic is doing something like 'this gun's shell trajectory on target is interrupted because not-target obscures target; not-target therefore is where every not-hit-on-target (miss) goes'. You can even see when a firing ship is broadside, turrets that are not obscured by the interceding ship will fire normally against the target. This is a per-turret problem, even per gun. Edit: I've been meaning to mention this. In my original post I
  8. I was just reading that thread but my reading was that when two ships are at 'can't miss' ranges they will now actually hit each other. Infuriating to soften up a target, close until you can hurl insults as well as shells, and my ship is STILL missing a significant portion of shots, when it's literally shooting a target that is now filling your sights. I'm always glad to see work proceeding, but I doubt this has fixed the issue I'm trying to raise awareness of. I'll try later today.
  9. I'm glad this issue is getting noticed. One thing you can see in game is that the turrets of the firing vessel, when hitting the interceding closer target, are actually pointing at the closer ship. They will fire and strike the non-target ship directly, they're not even firing (as indicated on screen) at the assigned target. There's something goofy going on with the math when this happens. This is not 'shells falling short'. This is 'there's something in the way and now almost every shot fired is hitting the closer ship, achieving high 90%'s accuracy on the wrong vessel. It looks like a
  10. Not within the scope of the game. maybe they'll make a modern naval combat game and include nuke subs, ASW helis and patrol aircraft and satellites for intel and carrier groups and ALL THE FUN THINGS you want. I'm not even against that game. This game is intended to be 1890's ironclads to 1940's era big iron floating fortresses, their escorts, and some sort of abstracted carrier and sub effects, so they've said. Let it be what it is.
  11. This game is about surface action in the pre-missile era. Dreadnaughts. It's right there in the name. Modern ships are armored with kevlar against shrapnel, because no amount of armor will withstand the capabilities of modern air and missile assets, so they defend themselves with point defense rotary cannon, counter-missiles, and multi purpose guns that can engage sea, air, and land targets. It's an entirely different environment and that's not what this game is. PLEASE don't ask to cram more stuff into a period it doesn't fit.
  12. Interesting possibility. I've seen it fail to launch against broadside targets at close, that weren't maneuvering, the launchers were pointed, etc. There's definitely SOMETHING going on, I think it's in the 'fire zee torpedo' programming logic.
  13. Haven't seen any feedback, and I'm continuing to see it in game. Since the 'no friendly fire' fix, there's no more blue on blue. But there is blue on red (but it's the wrong red and they're suddenly hyper accurate). This also affects an AI ship shooting at player ships, and again, the interceding ship is suddenly getting hit by every shell fired, no matter the range or accuracy. Paging @Nick Thomadis. If more information is needed, I'll do what I can. Please let me know if this is known and being looked at, and I'll drop it. This very sincerely seems to be a bug and it can be ex
  14. Exactly. Get everything you want to show and have available in the UI first. Then work out something user friendly, well laid out, and as intuitive as you can make it. No dumbing down, should be a key point. This is supposed to be a more hardcore side of the simulator genre, so more options, more player freedom. I thought of more useful torp settings. Borrowing directly from World of Warships, because they occasionally get something right, different launch settings for torps. Ripple fire, wide spread, narrow spread, should all be launch options. Also maybe crews should be able to p
  15. Bloody no. Keep it to the era when surface ships were still viable combatants. This game stops EXACTLY where it should.
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