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Found 2 results

  1. Update 3/21/2023: Well I've been through a stroke, started playing again, and almost immediately observed that this is still a problem. BUG REPORT, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. FORWARD THIS TO THE PROPER PEOPLE. I've been through a year and a half and a f-ing STROKE and this is still a problem in a 'released' game. You've got a bug, @Nick Thomadis. Get your team on this. Update Aug 25 2022: Still happening. Untargeted ships that intercept the firing line to targeted ships are being hit with unnatural accuracy, seemingly close to 100%, when the firing ship's solution says as low as 5%. @Nick ThomadisThis has been observed and reported with good detail from Nov 2021 to now with no dev acknowledgement. Update: This is still a problem as of beta 1.06, update 13, June 17 2022. Problem observed in numerous short range battles in the 1890's especially. PROBLEM: Simply put, if an interloping ship passes close to a targeted ship, such that it intersects the ideal shell trajectory for a center of mass hit on the targeted ship, the interloping ship will begin to take 100% accurate fire from every shot fired that would intersect that ship, on the shell's path to the targeted ship. The ship that is firing may show 5%, 1%, or even fractions of a percent accuracy against its target, but an intersecting interloper will suffer upwards of 50% accurate fire when they intersect the trajectory. Points from the thread, summarized: - Accuracy against an interloper is unnatural. The turrets of the firing ship can even be seen to point at the interloper, moving quite suddenly, when this bug is in effect. - This used to cause friendly fire, for example when a squadron of torpedo boats would swarm a larger target. It no longer causes friendly fire since the 'no friendly fire' fix, but a ship from fleet A firing on enemy in B, can still achieve this bug/effect against another ship from fleet B. - It appears that when the interloper is on the trajectory to the target, all shots that would intersect are now calculated against the interloper, with no misses. Ricochets, overpenetration, and normal shell effects happen normally, but accuracy and precision are both very unnatural and very tightly precise. I still have seen no mention of this in an update log, nor response in this thread, as of Feb 14 '22 at very early in the morning. Hoping this gets seen and looked into. ORIGINAL TITLE: An issue regarding the targeting of ships when another ship passes close to the targeted ship. ORIGINAL POST: Sorry about that title. I'm tired and it's late and I've been thinking about how to post it. I tried searching but wasn't able to find anything at least in the last few months describing what I wanted to discuss. So here goes. What I've noticed is that if ship A is shooting at target B, and ship C passes between the two but very close to B, all of a sudden ship A will have 100% accuracy to hit ship C no matter what its accuracy was against B. It does not matter if B and C are enemies or friends. Here's a more practical description, and I'll see if I can grab screenshots later. Unfortunately I'm not set up to record video, but it would, I think, be easy enough to recreate this in the game in a custom battle. So when I first noticed this, I was using torpedo boats to swarm enemies. This happens no matter the class of ships involved. I would select a TB that is loaded and close, turn it in on a heading to get in close to the target to guarantee a hit, only turning the launches from 'off' to 'aggro' within .3 km. Meanwhile the whole TB squadron is using their deck guns to light fires and add to the damage on the target. Often, the TB making the run would pass close to the target ship, directly in between the target and another member of its own squadron. Suddenly the TB on the attack run is getting hit multiple times in a row, and I noticed it wasn't the target ship's fire, but it's own sister ship, doing the damage, and sometimes spoiling the attack. I watched closely, testing this, and it seems that every shot fired by the TB further away would hit the TB within about .5 km or less of the targeted enemy. Always on a direct line - if my TB was to one side and close, then it was no problem, no friendly fire. Only when they form a straight line and my boat interceded between the friendly shots and the target, at close, did this occur. I further tested this in campaign when two enemy ships would be very close by, and with the same result. I had an armored cruiser targeting two CL, and I was initially engaging the closer. The two enemy CL started a 180 degree pivot, and ended up handling it badly, so that the two almost collided. I instantly switched to the CL further, and even though my guns were now not locked, they began hitting the closer CL (closer by about .1 km) with near 100% accuracy. This is a deeply exploitable game bug, I have found, and now watch for it, while trying to keep my TBs from shooting each other. The OppFor AI is also guilty of this - I had a TB again attacking an enemy BB. A second enemy BB was engaging my boat, as was the target BB. My TB passed extremely close 'behind' the target BB (from the perspective of the second BB), and the second BB fired a main gun salvo...which detonated the target for me (just after I launched torps too). It looked like perfect accuracy and most of the shots penetrated. The ammo explosion plus flooding plus torpedoes just to be extra did the trick, easiest BB sinking I've had. The lone surviving BB turned to flee, but as the AI designed it with a speed of 16 knots, it died soon after, and I didn't lose a single TB. As a method to recreate this, load a custom battle with two friendly ships, and a single enemy transport, or what have you. Move one ship to close range with the TR, holding fire. Second ship, try to coordinate position so that all three are on a straight line with each other. It should be Friendly at range, friendly close to TR, and TR. Then turn on guns for the ranged ship, and observe. Friendly close should, again, be getting super friendly with that freighter, and once the ranged ship opens up your close ship should be getting hit by every or close to every shot, even when the friendly at range should be able to shoot over your close ship. I hope this helps and can be rectified, because right now, it's game breaking, especially in the 1890-1900 campaigns where torps are launched at knife fight ranges, plus every other situation where these overdesigned canoes are brawling. If anyone else has experienced it, or there's already a topic open, please link. If there's media of it, that would be helpful. It can't just be me (can it?) but I couldn't find anyone else discussing this. Edit 1: Spelling, grammar, word choice. Edit 2: Complete rewrite based on discussion in the thread. With thanks to: @Littorio, @Captain Meow, @akd, @Fenn, for further input and helping with information and closing in on the problem. Original post included for clarity and transparency. Edit 3: Because it appears this still has no dev attention. Please, any dev, just a 'yes we've received this'. MODS! Please. This should be in bug reports. Can you please move it? I cannot find a way I can do it or I would. Edit 4: Seriously. I cannot believe this is still around.
  2. Server: Peace Ingame-name: NoShipSails4ever (mine, not of the bug report sender) Report: NAB-103542 Question: his question was mentioned in the report as he said, but for response reasons i will repeat it here with some additions It's regarding a bug report of a mate that didn't create a forum account so far. so i write for him here. it is related to a port raid that will happen after tomorrows maintenance (Tuspan). Back in this announcement it was written that only 2 poor / under-developed ports get raided per day. the port in question has 15 of 40 points used, so it's not really underdeveloped. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/35149-seasonal-update-welcome-to-the-caribbean-part-2/ Question: Can you explain in more detail what makes a port count as poor and underdeveloped if 15 point investments seem to count as such? Is this a fixed way how it is counted or something relative like percentages depdning on maximum port point amount (or something else)? so far we thought that the raiders attack underdeveloped ports like 0 port point investments and if none of these are available going up to 1 point investments and such. do different investments have different value? port defense take one port point but don't seem to count as investment, as we had ports with full defense but still they got raided in the past have port bonuses or resources higher value in relation to their used port points?
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