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boarding with shadow



with the wind shadow, and determined defender  i feel boarding player have been cut off their pleasure , and i would like to propose something that might set the problem a little .

actually to board you have to be close, be prepared , your ship must be under 3,5knot and the ennemy ship must be under 3,5knot.

it used to be possible to force someone into boarding by going under wind and push them frontwind , now that it is not possible anymore i would suggest that being able to grab somemone while you're a close enough and relative speed is under 3,5 knots , meaning if you are stuck to an ennemy for long time, but more than 3,5 knot you still can grapple.


that would put back boarding on track

and please remove determined defender , boarding point lies in being able to  fight bigger ships

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If you read patchnot , dev say clearly they won't anymore have the rageboarding with pushing a ship front of the wind.

Rage board is fun killing actually. Should be used after you make some dmg in the ship and not like a GOD MOD like lot of player us it for a long time.


You want board a ship, aim the mast , destroy the ship ,ect ect , like in reality a ship never get instant board in a fight , you need to take advantage in fight first

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8 hours ago, akjoujt said:

and please remove determined defender

oh no, determined defender is ok for preventing a massive troll boarding battle which make game totally inplayable. Imho only demastisng totally a ship should be make avalaible the pulling and boarding.

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I feel it makes sense that if two ships are more or less equal speed and close enough to each other it should be possible to pull one another for boarding.

Determined defender makes sense so i dont think it should be removed, but rather have it deactivated if your ship is in shock.

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