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New ships?

Aldo el Temerario

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Hello, i am practically "new player" and i have a really big question considerating spanishs at this time of history... why Naval Action the best game of this character dont have more spanish ships than Diana, Santisima and Santa Cecilia? 

like the following ships...

"Santa Ana"


The next its "San Juan Nepomuceno"



Next over here its "El Montañes" 1673701867_elmontaes.thumb.jpg.3c42e20aaa907399b7e4fd03ff4419dc.jpg

"El Glorioso"


"El Rayo"


Frigate "Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes"


And why not "Neptuno"?



*Thats my big question about naval action the one game of this class of ships

-With all respect and i specting not ofend other factions.

-maybe the media player from spain are low?

-maybe because game need exact plans of ships?


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