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Endymion classification

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Having captured a single Endymion-class frigate from the French, and having assessed its capabilities, I find it a little odd that it's categorized as 5th rate. My historical understanding is that it was considered so when it had 40 guns, but was subsequently reclassified as a 50-gun 4th rate. The model we use in the game has 52 guns and weighs 1500, which is closer to a small 3rd rate than most 5th rates. I haven't played the American campaign yet, but I think super-frigates are considered 4th rate. Should that also apply to the Endymion?

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By the timeframe the 4th rate barely existed anymore, same with 2nd rates ( is not for nothing that we still use the expression 'second rate' today when we want to refer to something as not exactly as good :) )

Endymion is indeed a frigate 24 pounder, a 5th rate.

Bear in mind that back then no one would refer to rate but to guns count -and/or- gun shot weight.

"Frigate 12 pounds, 40 guns"


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The big problem isn't the wrong classification. I haven't played the game for a couple of months so i don't know how accurate what i'm about to say is. But when i was playing the game the much bigger problem was the weird progression of aquiring ships. From 7th rate to 6th, then to 5th (not an Endymion or Leda class) and then 3rd rate. I would only see Endymion or Leda class ships after i had already captured 1 or 2 3rd rates. So i hope that weird progression has been fixed because it is something that can make a new player quit playing this game very easily. Sure, you can capture a 3rd rate with 2 or 3 5th rates but it would be much easier to do if at least one of those 5th rates would be an Endymion or Leda class. 

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