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Battle Instance crash in Tampico Port Raid


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Tonight we had the Tampico Port raid which BF and REDS defended together. Right as the battle was about to be finished, the battle instance crashed, our ships spun out of control, we got a connection timeout error message on our screens and a few minutes later we were kicked to the login screen. On the map the port raid is still listed as not yet completed, although for some (not all) of us the battle over screen came up when the instance crashed. Moreover, because of the untimely battle instance crash there were multiple sunken ships that we did not get to loot because we were on our way to do so when the battle instance crashed.

Here is the battle still listed on the in-game map at the time of writing: unknown.png

Here is everyone that was in the instance when it crashed, as well as the disconnect message we got: 


I also have a video recording of the minutes just before, around and after the crash if it is of any use. I will upload it on request.

Here are some F11 reports that were filed about the crash: NAB-102653 (by @Yettie ) and NAB-102663 (by myself).


Our ships spawned back in OW after relogging, and we got a battle report with some rounded amount of XP (5400 and 3300 as concrete examples). However I'm still inconclusive if this XP actually got added to ship XP (can't say for sure) or character XP. There is no record of the battle or XP in our battle-"History"-log. But this could be due to the XP being registered before we got kicked to login screen as opposed to after we logged back in. Most importantly for compensation however are the chests lost to the sea because the crash kicked us from battle before we could loot/sink the last few ships. 

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