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FPS drops/freezes

HMS Victory

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I've been getting FPS drops lately, since the last patch. My graphics run on ultra, all maxed out but these FPS drops also occur on lowest graphics so this doesn't change it. I tested it. My connection is fine, as everything else works great, including other games. These FPS drops/freezes happen in battle instance not OW. They have very specific intervals but I haven't yet counted how many seconds there are between every drop.

Its been extremely difficult to enjoy the game this way. In some instances, these freezes happen literally every 3 seconds. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

HMS Mars

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On 6/11/2020 at 5:52 AM, HMS Victory said:

Haven't done so yet, but I will try indeed. Thanks for the advice

Did this work for you? Using a AMD card by any chance? 

I had same issue 30 FPS OW on Ultra instead of 100 FPS updated the drivers to version 20.5.1 and now back to 100 FPS



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