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A:  the icon on my desktop for Ultimate admirals dreadnaught has been replaced by a generic icon.  This happened after the last update.  I have tried "repair" to no effect.

B: when I try to start the program I get "another instance is running."  I have to open task master tray to locate and end the program.

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1 hour ago, Hardlec said:

I have not done a reinstall, but I have done the "repair."  I don't have my install code handy.

If you mean you cannot install because you lost a link to download the launcher, you can reuqest it from Xsolla, check this topic:


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6 hours ago, SDGMusic96 said:

I'm having similar problems. Generic icon on the desktop and when I try to launch the program I get the error "Another instance of Launcher client already exist!"

When you face this error again, could you please run task manager and search for a process called “launcher” and end it?

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