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Torpedo launcher placement


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I discovered an issue with torpedo launchers and their placement:

When placed too far from the edge of the ship, the launcher will fire, but the torpedo will never appear.  This occurs in any case where the torpedo is launched in a direction that would hit your own ship.  In the pictured example, the launchers will successfully fire to starboard, but will fail when firing to port, forward, or aft. Ammunition will be expended in each case.



Centerline placements like this will always fail to launch(though ammo will still be expended):1029196944_Screenshot(7).thumb.png.5ce2c8d937799663ff453ceaa7687f11.png


Please consider changing torpedo launcher attachment rules and/or firing arcs to correct this issue.

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Maybe the game should at least be honest and let us know when a torpedo was ejected from its tube but failed to actually start moving for any reason?

But you have to admit, this game is very realistic. It may be the first time that a report of "#N Torpedoes running hot, straight and normal" is useful in game.

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