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  1. Turrets will snap to barbettes automatically if they are not too large or too small. It's drag and drop, just like placing a turret on the deck. I don't know about the wing turrets.
  2. I found some issues with medium barbettes. First, they seem to be using the attachment point intended for the "standard barbette for secondaries" and "tall barbette for secondaries" instead of the normal hull attachment point. That might be intended, but it seems wrong. Second, they also PRODUCE that same attachment point. As a result, players can string medium barbettes indefinitely. Third, if you use a medium barbette to produce another attachment point for a medium barbette, then add a second medium barbette flipped 180 degrees, then remove whatever thing originally provided the attachment point for the first barbette, the barbettes will now be using each other as their attachment points, which causes "exception: mount transfer hang" and allows them to be moved freely.
  3. I discovered an issue with torpedo launchers and their placement: When placed too far from the edge of the ship, the launcher will fire, but the torpedo will never appear. This occurs in any case where the torpedo is launched in a direction that would hit your own ship. In the pictured example, the launchers will successfully fire to starboard, but will fail when firing to port, forward, or aft. Ammunition will be expended in each case. Centerline placements like this will always fail to launch(though ammo will still be expended): Please consider changing torpedo launcher attachment rules and/or firing arcs to correct this issue.
  4. That's the problem, no one uses ship duels because you get nothing from it. There's no sense of progress. I guess the devs thought it would be exploited if the pvp matchmaker included xp/gold. As a result, everyone just does combat orders against AI to level while the pvp battles are a ghost town. I would like to have the option of doing combat orders against players if they are available and willing. That way, I could continue leveling/earning gold while getting in some good pvp fights. Again, this could be a toggle-able option --not required-- so people could still play pve-only.
  5. I wonder if anyone else could get behind using the mission system as a multiplayer PVP lobby. The idea is that as people go to their missions, similar BR player ships who are doing missions from different nations are placed against each other automatically, so they may fight PVP even though they may have started their missions very far apart. This would allow easily accessible PVP in a fair way(1v1, similar BR). This could be toggle-able. Thoughts?
  6. You might be right. Just seems like it would have such a narrow firing arc. If that's the best that can be done, so be it.
  7. TheWendigo


  8. After a complete(and better) rebuild due to a disastrous and painfully educational harddrive failure, I am ready to submit my Prince d N model, except for one problem; the damned anchor pulley/rope is interfering with the bow chaser port. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternate anchor placements(preferably with examples)?
  9. No luck getting in touch with Ragnar. On a happier note, I added more details, fixed some high poly placeholders and fancied up my gratings. Can you give a clue what the poly budget is for a brig sized ship? I kind of want to know how badly I've exceeded it.
  10. Oops, misread. Why get rid of that sail, though? It's in the sail plan and features in all the paintings I've seen. It's also probably my favorite of the bunch.
  11. Here's a closeup minus the apparently offensive fore course You can see where there's some missing details, anchors, etc.
  12. I recommenced work on my attempt at Prince de Neufchatel in blender, still working on the small details and ironing out errors. Here's a mockup with a bunch of placeholder stuff: The sail area is huge! I'll continue working on it in the coming weeks, with more detail shots as I add the greebling.
  13. I spent a while working on the Prince de Neufchatel in blender, but I got stuck on texturing and got demotivated. Anyway, this is what I've got so far:
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