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  1. Ahoy! So that's all the cross-sections (correct term?) done. I'm happy that all of them turned out good, apart from 13 none needs a, rework. That's a big part of the work done, now I have to cut them in so I can slot them on the keel.
  2. Thats some really nice miniature shipping you guys got there! I just finished the plans for my Prince de Neufchatel, which I'm building entirely from scratch and out of Paper of different thicknesses. Will keep you updated as soon as the build started.
  3. I need more original plans to build a small model of it. And I thought the Devs might have that.
  4. Right, didn't think of that. Wasn't hailing in ealier versions of the game already? And one more thing: I think I would get tired from hailig back all the time. So maybe there could be implemented options like „Always hail back nation“ to automatically hail back to your comrades from your respecting nation, and „Always hail back all“, and „Always hail back friends“. I could befriend something like that.
  5. Please don't remove names from OW! It would kill that personal playstile relying on player interaction for me. Please don't.
  6. Very nice post! But the plans aren't really that much. Especially if you want to build a model of the ship. Are there more plans aviable? I tried contacting the devs about it but the email I used didn't seems to work.
  7. Well, I can't speak for civilian sims since I have no experience in those. But I can speak for combat flight sims, for example the Il-2 new generation series (il2sturmovik.com), and for Rise of Flight. For RoF I have evidence too Check out this old video of that great game: https://youtu.be/o3tJlFsGRSE
  8. I'm sorry, but as an flightsimmer I can tell you at least one Flightsim that models it. Not making a point on these mechanics in this game though.
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