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  1. Ahoy! So that's all the cross-sections (correct term?) done. I'm happy that all of them turned out good, apart from 13 none needs a, rework. That's a big part of the work done, now I have to cut them in so I can slot them on the keel.
  2. Thats some really nice miniature shipping you guys got there! I just finished the plans for my Prince de Neufchatel, which I'm building entirely from scratch and out of Paper of different thicknesses. Will keep you updated as soon as the build started.
  3. I need more original plans to build a small model of it. And I thought the Devs might have that.
  4. Very nice post! But the plans aren't really that much. Especially if you want to build a model of the ship. Are there more plans aviable? I tried contacting the devs about it but the email I used didn't seems to work.
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