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  1. I suppose that acceleration is brought about by the ship's propellers increasing in speed, actively driving the ship faster through the water. If you then order your ship to go more slowly, the propellers slow down but the tremendous impetus of the ship would mean that it decelerates more slowly. This could be changed if you threw the ship into full astern, as the screws would then be actively working to slow the ship.
  2. Carriers never work in these games - look at the nonsense of WOWS. Realistically, striking at the enemy from perhaps a hundred miles away or more won't work for the CV or the target (all you can do is shoot down some planes and hope to survive.) I respectfully suggest that CVs offer a recon/intel boost and that any air attacks take place on the campaign map.
  3. I apologise to everyone if this is answered elsewhere. I did look, without luck. How on earth do you raise a turret to place it on a barbette? The barbette is in place, and fine. I have tried every combination of keys I can think of to lift the turret onto the top of the barbette but it just clips it and turns red. This is driving me nuts. I couldn't find anything in the in-game help. Also, how do you get wing turrets to place? I'm always told they're badly placed.
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