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  1. I plan to take some inspiration from the British approach. Home fleets, for territorial waters. Big guns and survivability. No retreat, no surrender. High seas fleets. Long range, speed, firepower. Always with the speed advantage - If I cant kill it, I can run from it.
  2. Ahhh, this may explain the issues I had with the deck mounted launchers!
  3. I just completed the "Cruisers wanted" mission. I designed up a Heavy cruiser I hull with 4 x4 deck mounted torpedo launchers. In the mission the launchers almost never actually launched 4 torps. The first launch was zero fish, the second launch was 1 from two launches. Only once I had only 1 of my 5 cruisers left, did I actually get 4 torps from two of the launches. Here you can see the arrangement, if it makes a difference.
  4. Under here somewhere is a transport ship, and the two information bars are covered by damage popups. The damage report is prone to cutting off the end of longer reports. And this little puppy ends up so long that it gets stepped on by the "Report" (Pictured above) to the point where you cant see your salvo chance of hit. Letting the player resize and move the two info panels (Report and Shoot Info) based on their personal preference would be great. Lifting the height of the damage popups would help out when I am working over poor transport ships in rapid fashion, as they come in
  5. I shot it with everything at very close range, and some time acceleration as well. Not sure if someone has mentioned this before, but the top info panel ends up behind the lower report, and you cant read what your shot chance is on all your guns.
  6. I think the font on this damage text needs some work, it is a bit low res and makes it hard to read rapidly.
  7. Use windows key + shift + S to open the snipping tool. This tool allows you to select a section of your screen and copy it to the clipboard. From there you can paste it (Ctrl + V) into MS Paint, or directly into the text box on these forums.
  8. I am doing a couple of the academy missions and when using the 5x deck mounted torpedo launcher, I get inconsistent results. Sometimes it launches 5 torps, sometimes only 2. Is this a bug, or a mechanic I am not understanding?
  9. Yep, that worked. Congratulations on a wonderful game, I hope to be putting up some YouTube videos on it in the future (I already read the post about in game music)
  10. My computer crashed (not related, it is a thermal thing with my motherboard) and now I have the same issue. Do I need to wait for my game session to time out or is there a workaround?
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