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Loki rune pvp kill


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2 hours ago, Suppenkelle said:

Killing a Loki on average  is much easier than a real PvP fight. Loki has no repairs, no upgrades, jumps into battle quite frequently when the battle is almost done. There are exemptions, true, but regularly it is fairly easy to win.

So u want say a player with out mods and repair and skill is harder to kill than a loki with skill? 

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5 hours ago, gimli_balinson said:

hi i dont know its a bug or not but if i kill a loki rune it dont count as a pvp kill just wanted to ask is that that a bug or not?


4 hours ago, gimli_balinson said:

So then why i get dublones for it? No dubs or count for the pvp quest would be fair

There is no bug, it works as intended. You got doublons for a loki kill but it does not count as pvp kill in hunt missions.

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