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A Few Glitches I've Not Had Before Now


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Hello friendly devs/technical people,

Thought I'd post this here as it makes reference to a few things I've seen popping up in other people's threads. I first posted it in this thread (in this same Technical Issues forum)


1. Launcher Issues

I am finding today that the launcher is taking quite some time to open. Double click and then it can take 30 seconds to appear.

1st time it happened I thought I'd not double clicked properly so I did it again.

Got an error message saying there was already a version open.

Yet it wasn't on my screen, and didn't even show in task manager. It appeared on both about 20 seconds later.

I checked to see what if anything may have been causing my machine to run slowly and there was nothing. No windows updates d/l in background (and I have my background d/l throttled to max of 20% system use if occurring during 'awake' hours) nor anything evident through task manager.

Same thing just happened again now, which is why  I came to visit here in case there was anything.

I've also had time-outs while the game is trying to load. This has NEVER happened before now.


2. GPU Use Generally, and a Specific, Peculiar Spike

(wonder if this relates to some reports I've seen about people having problems after a battle is completed or they choose to leave a battle?)

I use MSI Afterburner, not for overclocking but for tracking various things and also for the custom fan profile (using a GeFroce Gtx 1060 6GB).

I have noticed whenever the game is going back to the basic menu following a battle, or backing out of the game entirely, my CPU use spikes to 100%.

I've checked my tracking and it shows the CPU use peaked at about 80% during the playing of battles, and the temp at about 72-75C (which I still think are too high, and that's only on 'good' settings).

As an aside, is it likely we'll see more specific graphic options, such as controlling the quality of shadows, sea quality, smoke etc? Each of those can be GPU resource hogs, and I generally would turn some down to allow others to remain high. 

Smoke, for example, be it from funnels or especially smoke screens,  can clearly be demanding, as if it's filling much of the screen I can hear my GPU fan kick up to high, a sure sign GPU is getting worked hard. I'd rather reduce smoke effects' details as frankly they don't do anything important for me, plus the smokescreen mechanic is itself a little daft (ships protect themselves at 35 knots but the screen being left behind has no line of sight effect? I know, that's a different topic LOL), so I'd rather turn them well down so the ship models and other effects can be kept higher. Same goes for shadows and sea effects.


Multiple reports of several problems of different specifics yet at least some of them never having happened to the individual user reporting them? I doubt that's coincidence.

It would seem something less than ideal has happened in this release?

Not complaining, however, just letting you know.

Stuff happens, especially during development, and we paid for the privilege of being involved before release. That's how I see it.

I've made other reports all with the intention simply of improving things, and I've been very impressed happy with how this forum is managed.

I've no doubt this will be the same.


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Thank you for the detailed feedback.

It seems you experienced temporary windows or hardware issues and started two launchers (by the way, are you sure the launcher was not hidden in system tray earlier?). Has it happened again for you? The general workaround is to open task manager and end the proccess named "launcher".

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On 2/17/2020 at 10:03 PM, Ink said:


Thank you for the detailed feedback.

It seems you experienced temporary windows or hardware issues and started two launchers (by the way, are you sure the launcher was not hidden in system tray earlier?). Has it happened again for you? The general workaround is to open task manager and end the proccess named "launcher".

Hi Ink

The supposedly initially running version DIDN'T show up ANYWHERE, including in task manager. I opened TM immediately to see what was happening as I was taken by surprise to see my system claim the launcher was already running. It DID appear on screen and in task manager up to 10-20 seconds later.

Never seen it happen before, and I've not changed any settings.

Will try again (haven't played much) and if it happens will let you know.

The problem with the GPU spike I described around leaving battles/the game is happening EVERY TIME I PLAY. I've read reports from others saying much the same, even having crashes/lock-ups (be interesting to see if their systems meet the requirements).

Do you want something regarding the GPU questions I asked? Can see if I can export the log from MSI Afterburner, for example.

Thanks again for the reply.


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Here's an example of what I was speaking of when I mentioned the GPU spike whenever leaving a battle.

Note the GPU usage hits 100%.

It also drives the GPU's own fans to 100%, too.

This happens EVERY TIME a battle ends OR I choose to leave a battle manually.




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On 2/24/2020 at 11:37 AM, Wowzery said:

I had the two launcher thing once about a month ago.  It might be hardware related, can't rule it out considering I had it once and not before or since then.  I might have had something running in the background.

I'm pretty strict on that. I have a carefully watched and managed startup launch list.

The only things I run are MSI Afterburner, Core Temp (and not always) and Windows things that have to run. That hasn't changed at all.

I also never choose to run multiple applications at once. When I play this game, I close everything else such as my browser and mail, for example.

I use the active hours option in Windows Update within Settings so as to prevent Windows d/l anything when I'm doing other things. To the best of my knowledge, I have set things to tell me if there's an update bur NOT to d/l it without me having to click on something (such as GeForce driver updates etc). I even have set a constrained resource level within settings just in case something manages to try d/l an update despite my settings (I think it's 20%).

None of that has changed.

Just to be careful, I also used the 'repair' option for the game/launcher after it happened.

The problem I had with the launcher came entirely out of nowhere. If anything, perhaps it was tied to an unseen internet connection delay or problem, but otherwise I've no idea. Happened once or twice, not since.


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