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Torpedo Duds?


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torpedo duds are NOT implemented in the game, or at least, i have never ever seen it, and i've played this game quite a bit, nor have i ever seen anyone else report seeing a dud torpedo on this forum.

are you REALLY sure this torpedo really did hit the hull of the ship and pass trough? because sometimes they can just barely graze the hull of the ship passing only 1 or 2 metres away and not detonate. that, i did see happen several times. the game doesn't model proximity fuze at all for torpedoes, so they need to directly hit the hull to detonate. sometimes, the ship moving fast and the eddy wake it leaves behind makes it look like the torpedo passed trough its stern while it actually just barely missed.

if it really does pass trough without exploding, this is a bug, and next time you see it happen please report it, and try to capture a video or screenshot of it too if you can.

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