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  1. YES an option for dud torpedoe ! i m agree something else very very important it is absolutely necessary to establish the damage caused by the collision it is completely unrealistic that a ship hit in full flank by another at full speed does not suffer any damage !!
  2. YES ! ! but it is not apply to the torpedo WHY it my thought !
  3. actually the shell have the dud systeme some hit but don t explode inside and it depend of angle !! the system is not aplly to the torpedo
  4. ok everything you say about launching a torpedo is ok and i agree what i said is that the game needs a percentage of failed torpedoes! as in reality and this percentage would increase with the angle of strike the means of escape with the torpedo is precisely to impose a strong angle of attack on them which prevented their detonation! this by turning towards it or by moving away but by increasing their angle of attaque so that it ricochets without exploding failing to avoid them at that time magnetic detonators were very young and very inefficient when they existed
  5. yes i m agree ! but a shell 600kg of steel at 800km/h make damaged even without exploded ! a hole les than an explode but damaged as well a torpedo at 50km/h make just a big noise like "bang" if it not explode ! nothing else ! And I think that the failed torpedo was much more frequent than the shells... specialy in earlier periode and in the us navy for exemple ! so to equilibrate the game the torpedo would have percentage dud my opinion !
  6. h hi all i think the torpedo in the game are too strong ! or more exactly too efficient ! the torpedos never misse, never false, never hit without explosion, torpedo explode too easier specialy at short angle . i never see a dud torpedo in game ! is it not implement ? next upgrade perhaps ? it should be ! today the torpedos boat and destroyers are too dangerous for battle ship, more than in reallity I tried many missions with destroyers against a big ship, me with desrtoyer or AI with these destroyers, the big ship lost each time ! the torpedo need to have du
  7. my test custom mission french nation 1920 1BC 1BB 1CA 1 CL against china 1902 4BC 4 BB no prob (except colision without any damage) japan nation 1910 3 BB 3 CA against italian 1910 3BB 2CA 2torpboat (except colision without any damage) russian 1930 4 torp boat against GB 1930 1BB no prob except at the start of mission when AI select his boat no prob just more longer wait since last upgrad
  8. hi all ! i like this game, now what we need is DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN, and some adjustements for exemple : the size of turret sould be not only related to the caliber of gun but also to the number of these guns double gun turret sould be smaller than a quad turret other thing very important : COLLISION DAMAGE should be modeled and most importantly should exist ! i m impatient, it pass the alfa
  9. hello, it would be interesting to limit the number of ordinary balls, like the chains or double - first that would be historic, no ammunition was unlimited! - two, that would prevent stupid players from attacking heavy units with small, fast boats unable to sink you, staying at a distance and shooting from afar to exhaust you morally and waste your time classic exemple indianman attaking by neuchatel or smaller boat for 2 hours score 0-0 the stupid guy on small boat re tag !! and again and again !!! for nothing just loose time !! with limited amunition (like in reallity)
  10. or soluce is to limited the period !! 1870-80 to 1920.... even during the WW1 the aicraft apears as a great war machine ! and the sub-marine ? in fact to be realiste the game as to move to war at sea, not only with the dreadnought but whis the all war machine of the 2 WW yes what a job !!! but to be realist.... it s my opinion, not easy yes but the best way i think
  11. not stupid ! i m agree in any case whatever the system chosen a dynamic campaign is needed, with the main objective of logistical support for the forces on the ground because in all conflicts of history war at sea has been a struggle to maintain supply routes! eccept landing operations, warship duels are only propaganda, and panache for the glory the real sinews of war at sea is losgistic support specialy if the carrier aicraft are not in the game !
  12. hi , is there any plan to have a dynamic campaign in future ? where we can joice our camp british french US or more country and place of world better than a suite of mission ... .. . thx kind regard
  13. i forget something also very importante when the ship crash together, they need to have damage !! and large damage if a little ship is hit by a bigger one on his side at full speed !.. .. . normally it is finish for him !
  14. hi all here my opinion after the last patch, not to be negative but for constructive criticism happy ! well ! the new hull and division system ara good ! all we need now is a campain but, what a pity not to have also made quadruple turrets for secondary armament Like on dunkerque class... for exemple and now i think the most importante before campain is to creat save systeme it is very boring to remake all the time our boat ! the possibility to create all the boat for a battle could be an good idea too a system to save during battle ! some time we have not 3 hou
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