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  1. hi , is there any plan to have a dynamic campaign in future ? where we can joice our camp british french US or more country and place of world better than a suite of mission ... .. . thx kind regard
  2. i forget something also very importante when the ship crash together, they need to have damage !! and large damage if a little ship is hit by a bigger one on his side at full speed !.. .. . normally it is finish for him !
  3. hi all here my opinion after the last patch, not to be negative but for constructive criticism happy ! well ! the new hull and division system ara good ! all we need now is a campain but, what a pity not to have also made quadruple turrets for secondary armament Like on dunkerque class... for exemple and now i think the most importante before campain is to creat save systeme it is very boring to remake all the time our boat ! the possibility to create all the boat for a battle could be an good idea too a system to save during battle ! some time we have not 3 hou
  4. no no no !! concentrait your effort on this version .... we don t need moblie playing for this game please !!
  5. ok more and more correction nice... even if it is long and little updated BUT when can we expect turret of 4 gun for royal and french navy and the campaign ?
  6. will there be battles near the coasts? near coast and island with fort and battles in gulf and strait like gibraltar, marmara sea, the channel.... with or without costal battery support or small vessel like pt boat support ? for exemple to remake the battle of dardanelles during WW1
  7. quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret☺️
  8. Whomst'd've +1 and when could we expect quad turret for french navy and royal navy (to built dunkerque, richelieu , king george V) can we built ship for the AI ... because AI's boat are often unrealist ! too faster and turret every where on boat ! generaly too much gun
  9. for me the firts thing to do is to modify the speed of boat or more exactly the way of AI built ship too faster than in reality ! the ships of that era could not reach this hight speeds a cruiser or dreanought that held 30 knots was already a lot !! the terrible french destroyer class fantasque still holds the speed record for "traditional" warships with 42.5 knots it moved nearly 4000 tonnes of water, so at almost 85km / h ! imagine it is simply amazing ! the heavy cruiser and dreadnought can t do this they are too heay it is not realistic,even our day the heavy warship (like
  10. if you want realistic game of war at sea after WW1 you can t forget submarine and aircraft ! rather that it is not realist ! so better to concentrate on DREADNOUGHT (period monitor to end of ww1) and it is the name of the game ! and with modern hull where are the 4 gun turret ...
  11. you want more modern boat ok, but to be realist and correct the game need also aircraft carrier and submarine ! if you we are after WW1 or it is not correct ! so it is, why me , i prefer old boat end of 18century or before WW1, with this period we can be realist and logique whithout aircraft and submarine ! my opinion...
  12. yes for exemple !! and every body can say what he want ! i m a sailor YES A SHIP MAY GO BACK EVEN AT HIGH SPEED, and this is tested during the operational test at sea before certificate bye the navy IF THIS IS NOT THIS LOGIC OF MOVEMENT AND IMPOSES SOFT CONSTRAINTS WITH THE MANUFACTURERS, IN PARTICULAR OF THE INVERTER . but to avoid torpedoes a ship can break is speed by order full back ! you are right to say that in some conditions conserve the speed and turn full will could be the best solution but on narrow formation without space to turn the last solution i
  13. Hi everyone yes the reverse can be used in combat more precisely to help short turns! precisely to avoid a torpedo burst sufficiently spotted early rudder full of one side with the propellers against on the same side and your boat turns 2 times faster! of course this is not done in 5 seconds at the risk of breaking everything. and it also depends on your speed, boats of several thousand tonnes do not maneuver like a bicycle. the forces in presence being colossal, everything must be done in order with sweetness, but of course that yes they must add the possibility of going back! and b
  14. Hi everyone these two boats are not a bad idea but why waste your time modeling them if the period in question is not covered by the games? or so and therefore even better! Yes ! this period American Civil War and until the 20th century will be in the game and so now remains to develop the armored fregate and other last three masts and ships with sail and steamer which existed then for exemple in french navy gloire(1859.1883), Aréthuse (1885-1899),bayard(1880.1910) and this period have an big advantage, no plane and no sub-marine (or real one) to be modellised perhap
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