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  1. no no no !! concentrait your effort on this version .... we don t need moblie playing for this game please !!
  2. ok more and more correction nice... even if it is long and little updated BUT when can we expect turret of 4 gun for royal and french navy and the campaign ?
  3. will there be battles near the coasts? near coast and island with fort and battles in gulf and strait like gibraltar, marmara sea, the channel.... with or without costal battery support or small vessel like pt boat support ? for exemple to remake the battle of dardanelles during WW1
  4. quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret quad turret☺️
  5. Whomst'd've +1 and when could we expect quad turret for french navy and royal navy (to built dunkerque, richelieu , king george V) can we built ship for the AI ... because AI's boat are often unrealist ! too faster and turret every where on boat ! generaly too much gun
  6. for me the firts thing to do is to modify the speed of boat or more exactly the way of AI built ship too faster than in reality ! the ships of that era could not reach this hight speeds a cruiser or dreanought that held 30 knots was already a lot !! the terrible french destroyer class fantasque still holds the speed record for "traditional" warships with 42.5 knots it moved nearly 4000 tonnes of water, so at almost 85km / h ! imagine it is simply amazing ! the heavy cruiser and dreadnought can t do this they are too heay it is not realistic,even our day the heavy warship (like
  7. if you want realistic game of war at sea after WW1 you can t forget submarine and aircraft ! rather that it is not realist ! so better to concentrate on DREADNOUGHT (period monitor to end of ww1) and it is the name of the game ! and with modern hull where are the 4 gun turret ...
  8. you want more modern boat ok, but to be realist and correct the game need also aircraft carrier and submarine ! if you we are after WW1 or it is not correct ! so it is, why me , i prefer old boat end of 18century or before WW1, with this period we can be realist and logique whithout aircraft and submarine ! my opinion...
  9. yes for exemple !! and every body can say what he want ! i m a sailor YES A SHIP MAY GO BACK EVEN AT HIGH SPEED, and this is tested during the operational test at sea before certificate bye the navy IF THIS IS NOT THIS LOGIC OF MOVEMENT AND IMPOSES SOFT CONSTRAINTS WITH THE MANUFACTURERS, IN PARTICULAR OF THE INVERTER . but to avoid torpedoes a ship can break is speed by order full back ! you are right to say that in some conditions conserve the speed and turn full will could be the best solution but on narrow formation without space to turn the last solution i
  10. Hi everyone yes the reverse can be used in combat more precisely to help short turns! precisely to avoid a torpedo burst sufficiently spotted early rudder full of one side with the propellers against on the same side and your boat turns 2 times faster! of course this is not done in 5 seconds at the risk of breaking everything. and it also depends on your speed, boats of several thousand tonnes do not maneuver like a bicycle. the forces in presence being colossal, everything must be done in order with sweetness, but of course that yes they must add the possibility of going back! and b
  11. Hi everyone these two boats are not a bad idea but why waste your time modeling them if the period in question is not covered by the games? or so and therefore even better! Yes ! this period American Civil War and until the 20th century will be in the game and so now remains to develop the armored fregate and other last three masts and ships with sail and steamer which existed then for exemple in french navy gloire(1859.1883), Aréthuse (1885-1899),bayard(1880.1910) and this period have an big advantage, no plane and no sub-marine (or real one) to be modellised perhap
  12. No no no please, no gentlemen no already that the 1st and 2nd world war period is not realistic for the moment as long as the submarines, planes and aircraft carrier are not there. developing this game for a period with helicopters, supersonic aircraft, electronic detection means and missile era would become incoherent. staying in the iron clad pre-dreanought period, and sticking with it to make things as realistic and serious as possible seems smarter and above all possible in the long term, otherwise we will have an unfinished game, again
  13. Yesif you want to stay consistent and realisticyou will have to focus the game towards the era of pre deadnought at the end of the 19th century where we must integrate the submarines for the beginning of the 20 th century and even the planes and their aircraft carriers which became the masters of the oceans during the second world war ...otherwise the historical reality of your game will not hold ...and I say that to be a positive and constructive criticism not a reproach! I love this game and hope for a campaign worthy of it!sorry for my bad english .. (google trad!)
  14. YES ! i m agree i like this old batlle ship, with this so exotic disigne we want this hull, of glorius end 19 century !
  15. thank for your job and the upgrade of game but what a pity... french modern battle ship without quad turret…. disappointment… next upgrad alpha 6 ? perhaps ?
  16. no at there end of course torpédos explode ! it is a question for conceptor
  17. esthetic = null ! not to mention the historical reality! obviously! I hope never to see that
  18. Donc je suis trop perfectionniste, sans doute, mais c est très dommage ! prochain jeu ? c est de l'ironie ou y a des info concernant un prochain jeu ?
  19. hello everyone will there ever be a correction concerning the stretchers of our proud vessels or more precisely their orientations, because you will have noticed that these sails do not orient to the winds as they should in the game I like to sail elegant myself, this bug deserves be careful I think! like the bottom jib of the Agamemnon, always port armor whatever the wind! This does not affect the game play, but rather than giving us paid DLC, a small patch to correct these aesthetic details would be welcome! sorry for my poor English...
  20. salut a tous y aura t il un jour une correction concernant les civadières de nos fiers vaisseaux ou plus exactement leurs orientations, car vous l aurez remarque ces voiles ne s orientent pas au vents comme il devrait dans le jeu j aime naviguer élégant moi, ce bug mérite attention je trouve ! comme le bas foc de l Agamemnon toujours bâbord armures quelque soit le vent ! cela ne touche pas le game play, mais plutôt que de nous pondre des DLC payantes , un petit patch correctif concernant ces détails esthétiques serait le bien venu ! non ?
  21. my opinion is NON multiplayer i don t want another Wow, i want a realist game so multiplayer like loki rune of naval action, in your campain a player replace the ai in tactic battle, but no multiplayer in campain mode, perhaps mulitiplayer for mission or quick battle why not but finally if they is multiplayer campagne in the game please don t forget the solo campain i talk about naval action ! what a shame this game as no solo mode ! yes the bot and AI is less powerfull than human but no insult no cheat (nearly) no injustice 10 guy with 1rank on new player whis his
  22. hello and happy new yeargreat game, glad that the developers listen to the players!my grievances1 - a dynamic campaign influenced by our actions2 - new cruiser hulls, liners and other ships3 - new turrets like French and English quadruple4 - possibility of directing the shots more finely, separation of shooting groups and targeting several adversaries (turret A firing on one enemy and turret B on another for example) greater independence of each cannon and turret with a penalty representing the difficulty to target several targets at the same time! that will bring more tactics! as an example t
  23. hello first sorry for my bad english for the campagne, my idee a turn per turn base like in the game atlantic fleet or pacific fleet , a system with exagonal case wich represente nearly 120 to 150 nautiques miles large or less, to obtain a half or a quart day of navigation by ships (for better strategique game, not too large case ) or like in Total War system but with case like in wargame, each camp play in a turn, at the end of this turn, battle can start if enemy boat or fleet are in same cases with avantage or not depend of time weather, sub marine or plane as spy in
  24. hellofirst impression of ultimate admiralI bought the game and test it since 3 days congratulation, it is the kind of game I've been waiting for a long time ! and your job for instance is wonderfull, and to "help" with my poor English, if I were a designer, what would I change or make more realism? strategic plan - during the campaign that I hope will be dynamic, ours victorious actions or defeats will directly influence the course of a conflict, so a system of experience of the crews would be a good idea (even a defeat gives some experience and sometimes, more than th
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