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high ping issues


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in a PVE battle I was dc'd, I have two ship in the battle a cerb and a merc for me both are good to top of my class and max I can afford. a loose like this will set me back for a week or more of grinding.  when I am able to log back in I feel my ships will be sunk. "is there something that can be done to help (dev action maybe?)"  good game, if there is a crit the grind to lvl is ruff.

my clan HLF they are calling out on discord that there is a high ping issue and many are getting booted from the server with SOL in battle so I am not alone and the issue is world wide.

local time here in Alaska was 1030 at the time of event


just got logged back in to recover my Cerberus out of the middle of the ocean but my Mercury is gone. it is not in fleet and not in the dock so,  its dead. or erased. ether way this is not good. (DEV'S)if you have to reply in private I could understand but to wave this off as so Fn what, its your lose is unexpectable. I will see how you guys handle my first DC and equipment loose due there of. 1128 AST

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There was a notable drop of players from PVE server on our graphs by the time of the report, but both servers had not experienced issues or errors during the weekend. 

Most likely there were temporary connection issues on 3rd side ISPs that caused the drop.

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