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can't loot loki rune


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today at 22h -22h40 we had a fight with an ocean elite , then a loki rune entered. (we know because my ship was teleported).

then the loki rune surrendered. i approached to loot , and  hooo , no "x" to loot the boat , impossible to bring it back , and 0 loot , for a fight my friend and i had hard time with .

it's already frustrating enough to have a loki rune , if you can"t loot an ocean elite , it eve more raging.



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1 hour ago, akjoujt said:

an answer would be appreciated , is not looting surrendered loki rune a "work as intended mechanic" ?

If he surrendered, then the ship was not sunk, which means the person who did the most damage currently "owns" the ship. Only they would be able to loot, unless they right click on it and make available for all. Combat news shows your friend did the most damage, did they also try to loot? 

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