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Shocktrooper Basteyy

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So as the server has some issues today, I wrote with @Reverse about the Port au Prince Port Battle. Both sides spend time in it's organization and wanted to do it. We had 12 people ingame at some point and could've gone for it but with not being sure it works to jump into one battle. Reverse and basicly none of BF were ingame so I called it off to make it fair. We wanted a nice fight there and not just taking the port.

I wrote with Reverse and he would like it as well as me, and the BF clan and the british PB fleet, so I'm asking you @admin@Ink if there is any possibility of putting the Port Battle on Monday or Tuesday about 18 ST to 19 ST. Or the next weekend about this time. We only want to enjoy the game and If we wanted to do the pb and were hyped for it, on both sides, I think there should be a possibility to place it on Monday or Tuesday on 18-19ST.

Waiting for your answer
BW Shocktrooper

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