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Ship wouldn't move in the OW

Navalus Magnus

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Hey devs,

i've already send you an ingame message for this bug:

I came out of a fight well off the coast and sailed towards the harbour with the after-battle-speedboost.

So far so good.

But right after the speedboost stopped my whole ship stopped completely. I tried to sail towards different directions but it was useless.

I'm still stuck in OW :(

A reboot of the game hasn't changed that yet.

Please try to fix that.

Best regards,




I solved it the following way (it's still a bug!):

In the mentioned battle i captured an AI trader. It was overloaded - why???

After i got rid of most of the cargo that weighed too much, my ship moved again.

In my oppinion it's important to fix this bug, because if someone can't move at all he or she might get tagged and loses his ship to a bug!

That would be annoying!

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