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Just now, SiWi said:

I don't get the whole "but its in alpha" thing...

I see no comment complaining that planes are not in the game right now...

I only see comments wishing them for the future...

SO I don't get what this is suppose to be arguing about...

It's important because of the massive changes and testing that takes place during an alpha, plus it is far more unstable than beta or released versions of the game hense why comparing full releases and alphas (especially closed ones) makes no sense.

And yeah i know about the cv comments just making sure peeps understand why comparing a unfinished computer and a finished computer that works and complain the unfinished one doesnt work makes no sense.


Just now, SiWi said:

Personally I would have no problem when CV come after the campaign is "finished".

Or even as big addon or DLC.

Just if a game, which has alot of loading screens referencing CV's btw, would stay forever without CV's, I would see that as a lost because it would rob this game off another layer.

Same, actually i think this will be the most likely course of action. Probs maybe the second DLC or Third due to the major changes it would bring to gameplay.

True, would be misleading.

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2 minutes ago, SiWi said:

no arguing on the later.

As much there are annoying things, looking both on the damage model but more even on the time limits (really hope campaign battles won't have them), but despite being in alpha it does rund very good and does give alot of fun.


Yeah, theres a lot too still be fixed, but they can only work so fast i guess. I dont mind if they had entire updates dedicated to fixing things (i would be fine with this).

And yeah i find this game fun as well, been waiting bloody ages for a game like this.

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