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AI Preference for Single Barrel Turrets

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Over many missions played, I have not noted an AI preference for single barrels on capital ships, except perhaps for some armoured cruisers (but this is perhaps not worth considering at this point as cruiser hulls are very limited relative to the range of tech boosts).

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I mostly see single turrets on weight restricted vehicles like light cruisers but that’s about it.

Apart from the reload, single turrets have a hidden accuracy bonus; their light weight means they don’t affect rolling and pitching as much, which in turn improves accuracy.

I also imagine in the campaign, lighter single turrets will allow for longer range, more armour or bulkheads, even more expensive equipment, which is why most pre-dreadnought cruisers had single turrets fore and aft, and ships that did have twin turrets were of smaller calibers.

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