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i bought the game but it says i never touched it


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I bought the game and I can confirm the purchase but it won't install. I have enough memory to download anything but for some reason it won't work. and also I made the platform steam because I buy all my stuff there so if I can't play it can someone help me please


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I bought ultimate general civil war but before I did I saw an ad and was that seems right up my alley so I clicked the add and it took me to the website and I looked for the buy button. I clicked it and filled out all the stuff I needed to sill out and bought it and made sure with email I got that said I got Email from xsolla 

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Here is the detailed instruction with pictures:

  1. Once the steam client is installed and you are logged in, please click the "ADD A GAME" button in the bottom left corner to register the product key to your steam account. A pop-up window will appear:
    • hyAXXMb.png
  2. Select the second option called "Activate a Product on Steam..." and follow the further instructions. Once you are in the "Product Code" window, please paste or enter the steam key you would like to activate into the field as shown in the picture bellow:
    • trddd.png
  3. Press on the "Next>" button to validate the key. If everything is ok, Steam client will bring you to the library where you will be able to install the activated game on your PC. Once the game is installed, the big "Install" icon will be changed to "Play" as shown in the picture bellow:
    • LwbAH1L.png
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3 minutes ago, ajbuck13 said:

ok everything is fine but there is one problem... the email I got doesn't have a code. the closest it has is my transaction number and I already tried that


Please check forum private message for more information

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