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  1. I am so sorry for bothering you guys. I found the activion key and it was in the spam. I am so stupid and I am sorry for wasting your time and effort
  2. ok everything is fine but there is one problem... the email I got doesn't have a code. the closest it has is my transaction number and I already tried that
  3. I bought ultimate general civil war but before I did I saw an ad and was that seems right up my alley so I clicked the add and it took me to the website and I looked for the buy button. I clicked it and filled out all the stuff I needed to sill out and bought it and made sure with email I got that said I got Email from xsolla
  4. actually I bought it off your website but it said the platform for where the would be played in is steam
  5. nope it was a lot of annoyance but it's still didn't work
  6. that is the problem it’s nowhere’s to be found. I bought it and I have the purchased it but it’s saying I never bought it
  7. I bought the game and I can confirm the purchase but it won't install. I have enough memory to download anything but for some reason it won't work. and also I made the platform steam because I buy all my stuff there so if I can't play it can someone help me please
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