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Login Failures, Steam UserId empty and Latency


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I am frequently getting (at least 80% of the times) this dreaded error message of doom :) when logging in:

Authentication error: UserId received from Steam is empty.

I have debugged this a little and I can reproduce/work around the problem. I seem to have a fairly lowish latency (about 15-20ms) to the game servers and this seems to be causing issues.
If I artificially increase latency on my end (for example +100ms) the problems go away completely and I can log in on the first attempt 100% of the time. I have asked others and it seems that lower 'ping' does correlate with these login errors, most are not nearly as impacted as I am, thankfully. The problems start appearing increasingly at about 50ms and below, with higher latencies only getting the occasional error.

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